View Full Version : MissileMod 1.3 Released

06-04-2002, 04:49 AM
This is a copy from my post at general editing board, to help the coders here
So coders who want juicy details, email me at ask@darklordofsith.net

Old features:

- Rockets bounce around, after 5 bounces they explode.

- Rockets deflectable with saber, although this has only about 25% chance

- Rocket gets slower and does more damage with each bounce

- Rocket splash damage also increases, albeit much slower

- By a popular request, THEDESTROYER is now can be used anytime, the health of the user
will be reduced in half and its speed will be 1.5 of its current speed.

- Force Jump is now 2 times as powerful.

- Disruptor Alt-Fire now shoots trough walls. Note: no see through walls by default,
if you have seeing, it will work regardless...so it won't be a cheat.

New features

- A new feature to rockets: on bounce they have 75% to home on one of the near enemies (or friends , does not include you).
Of course if it bounces once again it will consider homing on one of the near opponents instead of the current one.

Link to download (till it appears on major sites)

Sorry if this caused you problems, in the file there was my config included in accident...just redownload the mod and it will be gone

06-04-2002, 01:51 PM
i tried it and it s really nice .....

The rockets are very funny !!!
you did a great job on the rockets ...
the tenloss modification is good too (i wasn't very efficient with it but ...)
on the other hand i don't really like the jump modification ....
(it makes strafe jump harder lol)
i think you really jump too hight but that s just my opinion ....

good job .....
(btw way i almost finished my saber mod
i modified the client-server infos so everyone can see your color and added it to the bots too....)

06-04-2002, 01:53 PM
nice..i would like to see it :P
also, you have any idea how i add a weapon instead of modyfing one of the existing ones?
today jk2 crashed on me because i tried to do that

06-04-2002, 02:10 PM
well for the weapons i don't really know i never tried it yet ...
make sure to check at code3arena they have a tutorial on this .

and for my mod you can download it from here :
tck.zip for the dlls and pk3 and game.zip and cgame.zip for the code.
i didn't build the vm's so you know what to do ......
and the source is available too ....
it s not a final release thought ...
there isn't the ui you wrote ....i ll change that (and may i modify it a little ?)....
i might try to add status bar,we ll see.
for the bots only desann and tavion will have their saber changed.
if you want to change this open the bots.txt and add a few lines
(the bots.txt is in my pk3 and there is 2 examples)