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06-04-2002, 07:27 PM
There are some good and bad things about 1.03.

The following seems to fix alot of them:

seta g_sabertracesaberfirst 0

(Makes saber like 1.02)

seta g_saberghoul2collision 1

(The above two make the backstab normal move and not a one hit kill move).

seta g_dismember 300

Speaks for itself.

A couple other things that I notice a lot of people are upset about - the double tap kick - if there could be an option to change it from double to single, that'd be great. They are upset about the force powers being weaker for the dark side in 1.03. And the weapon people are very upset about the nerfing of weapons.

Okay .. so here's my question for the mod community:

Would it be possible to:

1. Add a client side option for double to single tap?

2. Make the following server settings viewable by clients:

seta g_sabertracesaberfirst 0

seta g_saberghoul2collision 1

seta g_dismember 300

Broadcast as rules to the master servers - just like G_ForceMaxRank - you can filter it via ASE, GS, etc.

3. Add a G_ForceMaxRank 8 (current is 1 - 7) that tweaks all the force powers to be like they were with 1.02.

4. A new rule that has g_oldweapons 1 or 0 so they react and spawn just like 1.02.

I notice most mods (like CS for HL and Q3F for Quake 3) can add rules that others can see.

Wouldn't this please the 1.02 community and not interfere with the 1.03 community because it's all about options that are


06-08-2002, 04:34 AM
This needs to be done before anything else.


That's the reason.