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Mister E
06-04-2002, 07:31 PM
Hi guys.. dont be alarmed.. it is just me... Wraith 8.. this is my alternate acount... anyway...

if you please all post your info...

could all members that signed up on the main site of SWGalaxies.net please post all your names.. and names in game.
it is all for the website im making.

i need the following info:

Nick name SWgalaxies.net
Nick name Forums SWgalaxies.net
Nick name StarWarsGalxies.com
Nick name in game.. or at least what your planning to do.
A small Bio. and i do mean small..
and give me a picture on what you hopefully look like in game... you dont have to.. but it would be nice :D i have :D

well if you can come up with more info.. that would be nice. :D

thanks again

-Wraith 8-

06-04-2002, 08:12 PM
Nick name SWgalaxies.net Ascari
Nick name Forums SWgalaxies.net Ascari
Nick name StarWarsGalxies.com ScaryDewd Ascari was taken!
Nick name in game.. or at least what your planning to do. Ascari
Proffesion. Shopkeeper, need to decide on what kind of shop though, i'd also like to do some blasting now and then :)
Gender. Male
A small Bio. Err, I'm Dutch (pretty much covers it)

Species. Mon Calimari or Human... right now i'm going for the fisheads

I dont have a pic yet sorry Wraith :(


06-04-2002, 08:57 PM
*I'll return to this thread in some time, when I've done some rough scetch of what I plan on being/looking like*

06-04-2002, 09:08 PM
SWGalaxies.net Forums...Arguile
Erm...Star Wars Galaxies name...Sid Borr-Rune-Tokk...or Sid
Profession...weapon/armor designer
Bio...uh...id rather have favorite quote than this so...
"If my answers frighten you, Vincent, then maybe you should stop asking scary questions."
-Jules (Samuel L. Jackson), Pulp Fiction
Species...human or zabrak

um...help me pick my species and i might draw you a peeeek-ture.

06-04-2002, 10:32 PM
Nickname: Gaalgoth
Forum Name: Gaalgoth
Name in Game Varan Korell
Profession: Weapons Specialist/Bounty Hunter
Gender: Male
Species: Zabrak
Bio: Orphaned as a small child, Varan was raised by human parents. He has a foster brother (my friend hasn't come up with a name yet) who still lives. He is an expert with weapons and is a borderline sociopath. He cares for little other than himself and this lack of sympathy makes him an excellent bounty hunter.

I'm going to try drawing a picture of my guy, give me some time though.

Lord Helmet
06-04-2002, 11:21 PM
Nick Name : Greg
Forum Name : Greg G
Name in Game : Xedzul Kaszon
Species : Zabrak
Gender : Male
Profession : Politician/"Agressive Negociator" Hardy-Har Har
BIo : Some compulsive liar guy who always gets what he wants...END OF DISCUSSION *left eye twitches*

Wraith 8
06-05-2002, 06:48 AM
well.. ill give you all an example for info im looking for:

Nick name SWgalaxies.net: Wraith 9
Nick name Forums SWgalaxies.net: Wraith 8
Nick name StarWarsGalxies.com: Darkforse
Nick name in game: Corzip Dinn
Proffesion: Smuggler, Shopkeeper
Gender: Male
Species: Human
A small Bio: Born on Naboo. dad was a trader all his life. Joined the Nubian fighter core when he was young.
Picture: Click here. (http://www.geocities.com/wraith_squadron_8/GalaxiesID.gif)


06-05-2002, 07:07 AM
nick SWgalaxies: Zendjir Jinx
nick forums SWgalaxies: Zendjir
nick SWgalaxies.com: none (no i'm not on that one, don't have the time)
nick name ingame: I have no idea yet, but it's going to be a bothan name. I'm still developing my character. I'll keep you posted.
Profession: Trader, explorer
Gender: Male
Species: Bothan
Bio: Something about a bothan family being kicked off their mining planet by (..don't know yet). The rest is still a blur.
Picture: I was going to include a picture of my dog, but since I have no dog..my plan has failed!

Jan Gaarni
06-05-2002, 12:05 PM
Nick name SWgalaxies.net: Jan Gaarni.
Nick name Forums SWgalaxies.net: Jan Gaarni.
Nick name StarWarsGalxies.com: Jan Gaarni.
Nick name in game: Jan Gaarni.
Proffesion: Transporter.
Gender: Male.
A small Bio: Born on Selonia. Grew up all over in the Corellian Sector. Became somewhat of a loner after his father was killed. Joined up with a smuggling group assosiated with Aruk the Hutt of the Desilijic Clan. Left it after getting in a fight - which he won by the way ;) - with the leader of the group and vanished.
Species: Human.

No pic yet, but I'll add it later.

06-06-2002, 06:31 PM
Nick name SWgalaxies.net = Kwok
Nick name Forums SWgalaxies.net = Kwok
Nick name StarWarsGalxies.com = Kwok
Nick name in game = Kwok
Proffesion = Miner / Entrepenure
Gender = Male

Species = Not decided

Kyren Valinor
06-06-2002, 06:59 PM
Nick name SWgalaxies.net: Kyren Valinor
Nick name Forums SWgalaxies.net: Kyren Valinor
Nick name StarWarsGalxies.com: KyrenValinor
Nick name in game.. or at least what your planning to do: Kyren Valinor
Proffesion: Shopkeeper, Smuggler, Pilot. Haven't decided yet :)
Gender. Male
A small Bio: Kyren was born on Alderaan, he excelled at piloting and sharpshooting. When he was 18, joined the Imperial Navy and began flying TIE's but was shot down on a far off planet and was stranded there for months. He finally got a transport back to Alderaan to find it in shambles due to the Empire. Now, He is neutral and looking for a steady job.

Species: Human