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Top Floor
06-05-2002, 12:47 AM
I'm trying to view the character models in Jedi Outcast. I am using a program called ModView to look at them. Every time I try to load a character model it gives me an error saying the model "exceeds MAX_QPATH"
What am I doing wrong? :confused:

06-06-2002, 02:29 AM
Ok after pulling my hair out with that tutorial that came with the tools I figured it out. This is going to be long so bare with me. this is a long way around approach but is almost fool proof.

make sure you have the tools unzipped to the game data folder where the game is installed.

unzip the assets0.pk3 into the base folder where the program is installed.

I use a freeware tool for this available at www.ultimatezip.com (ultimate zip is the name of the tool.)

make sure you have the option to include folders checked on.

now go to the base folder and rename it you will see why in a minute. I called mine baser so I would know it when I see it.

now make sure you are in the game data folder and right click and create new folder. rename this new folder base.

open this new base folder and create a new folder rename it models.

open this new models folder and creat a new folder call it players.

open this new players folder. and create a new folder and name it _humanoid now go to the original base folder open the assets0.pk3 that you extracted to the original base folder and find the _humanoid folder open this and copy the _humanoid.gla file you find there and animation.cfg file. now go back to the new base folder and open it to the _humanoid folder you created there and paste these two files you just copied.

go back into the players folder where _humanoid folder that you created already is. Make a new folder name it (lets say) jan.

now go into the unzipped assets0.pk3 folder as you did before and find models open this now find players open this now find jan open this copy everything in there and return to your new jan folder and paste all the info you just copied into the new jan folder.

ok now go back into the un zipped assets0 as before and find the shaders folder copy this and paste it inside the base folder you created earlier.

now do the same thing as above find the textures folder copy it and paste it in the same new base folder so it is right next to the shaders folder.

now you are done and can view jan by opening jans file right clicking the model.glm file and choosing open with and going to where modelviewer is located choosing that as the program to use or by starting model viewer and opening this same .glm file.
the only thing you will get is a report saying couldnt find kyle/eyes/.tga or something similar I havent taken the time to find that part and insert it yet.

I hope this helps as far as I am concerned these tools are far from user friendly.

:) :)

Top Floor
06-06-2002, 06:41 PM
Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!

I was afraid that no one would answer my question, Thank you so much.

This would be a lot easier for me if ModView had some kind of documentation.

06-07-2002, 08:38 PM
Well it did come with the basic tutorial but like with so many things it is easier to do than it is to write how to. By the way if you want to see the eyes just copy the Kyle folder and drop it in the models folder.

You are welcome, glad to be of help. Whan you get the chance to help please do so.:)