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06-05-2002, 01:17 PM
Jedi Knight 2 skeleton!?
I was amazed that it worked.... But here is what I did to get it. In 3D studio Max I imported the root XSI file for the storm Trooper. Then I exported it to valve SMD. Then used milkshape to import the SMD. And as if by magic the tags and bones showed up. I have not tried making animations yet but then again I don't really care to try to make animaitons with milkshape. It truly is a horrible program when it comes to animation. I would much rather use MAX or charFX. But since there is not a GLM exporter no one will be doing that no will they?

I think the big help would be getting models made in milkshape the right size and roughly around the skeleton. I don't think you can use it to animate... so don't get your hopes up. BUT at least it will help to get models the exact same size.

Basicaly I think milkshape users could export thier models to MD3 and then use the mod viewer to export to GLM? Anywho check it out hope it helps someone!?

Milkshape JK2 Skeleton (http://bg40kmod.clanpages.com/vig_junk/trooper_root_skeleton.zip)

06-05-2002, 02:16 PM
that might help me, thanks a lot. i prefer to model in milkshape, but the fingers didnt match up, i think i'll bring my model back into milkshape to fit it better around the skeleton, that way i'll have less issues in that department when i go back to max, thanks.