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06-05-2002, 03:40 PM
How about this for a mod?? Jedi Sports, read the rules below, you could of course substitute the Ball player for a Ball Object :)

I think it'd be awesome and played a lot! Also, I don't think it'd require all that much work to do.

Official Jedi Sports Rules:

======================JEDI SOCCER=======================
Object: To get the "ball" into the enemy goal
Players Needed: One person to be the ball (a stormtrooper w/ no force powers and crouching always), at least 2 players on each team
Players Reccomend to Have: A ref that will call the penalties (discussed later)

Teams Determined By: What skin your using

Reccommended Level: Any level where there is two equally large areas in which the ball can be pushed into
How to Play: Both teams should have maxed out force push and pull, The ball gets either pushed in by the ref or sits in the middle. Then the teams attempt to push it into the other teams goal. If it goes out of bounds (either determined by the ref or the boundaries are agreed upon before the game) it must be pushed in by the team that didn't push it out. If a player should happen to kill another, that player must sit out for a either: 1) Predetermined time or 2) the time the ref decides

Multiplayer mode: FFA
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~

======================JEDI GOLF=========================
Object: To hit the "ball" to a predetermined area in the least amount of hits

Players Needed: 3 Players per team (a ball, a tee, and a club), a "flag"

# of Players Recommended: Any # of players divisible by 3, then add 1

Teams determined by: Who you pair up w/

Recommended Level: Streets

How To Play: The tee should have maxed out force grip, the club should have maxed out force push, and the ball should have no force powers, except jump perhaps. The rest you'll have to figure out ;)

Multiplayer Mode: FFA
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~

Skills Built in Jedi Soccer: Accurate Pushing/Pulling, Team work

Skills Build in Jedi Golf: Accurate Pushing and Gripping, Team Work, Pushing Physics

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~

These games are very challenging and are very fun as well. I recommend this for any clan that wishes to have fun and improve their force power usage. I also recommend this for just a group of people on a server that'd like to do something different :)