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Sine Nomen
06-06-2002, 03:36 AM
This is pretty much a typical "We need a model" post in that we're ...asking for a model, but were willing to do a few skins for people in return.

Were planning what will hopefully become a massive SP series, and we're starting with the skins. Sine thinks he can skin fairly well; hes competent in Photoshop. If someone would be willing to create about 10 or so models (most are slight variations on four or five individuals), he'll offer his services to anyone who needs custom skins. These models *dont* have to be skinned - all we'll need is a set of reference textures, like the ones Raven released for Kyle and Jan.


The purpose of this image is twofold: We think it's a pretty decent showcase of what we can do (everything, including the face, was done from scratch in Photoshop), and it's a good idea of what we want most of the models to look like.

The first character is an average height, average build young woman. Face is fairly Katie Holmes-like (details can be worked out later, if need be.) Variants are as follows:

1) In typical Jedi robes (subtly modeled kimono, tunic and sash would be nice, if possible), with hair in a ponytail.

2) In a fairly small black jacket and flight pants (akin to Hans outfit, with the vest being long-sleeved.) Hair is down.

3) In a Dagobah Luke-style outfit, split slightly down the middle, with a T-shirt on under it.

All three might could be combined into one, model wise the robes, hair and vest could be turned off, like Absath did on the Mandalorians.


The second is Kyle, but with several variants.

1) In Jedi robes. Not much else involved.

2) In Dark Forces outfit leather jacket, armor. Preferably the jacket/armor will be removable.

3) A 75% nude Kyle. For a cutscene boxers/shorts are fine.


The third is a fairly ordinary Padawan, with typical Jedi robes. He needs to have short hair, that can be deactivated.


Fourth is a tall character with several variations.

1) Collared shirt with a Han-like vest over it, and shoulder-length hair in a ponytail. Shirt sleeves are rolled up, and the pants fall down freely below his boots. Shirt is tucked in, vest isnt. A few bangs on his forehead.

2) The second version is pretty much the same, without the vest, but with a Thief-style hood and cloak. This version will have shorter hair (think Yun), and the hood/cloak combo needs to be removable.


Fifth is Luke in generic Jedi robes. I hate black spandex.

Also, if youre DECENT at texturing, (non-player) modeling, or coding, wed love to hear from you.

- Sine Nomen (sikarenite@hotmail.com)

- Fuzz (shwuck@hotmail.com)

Sine Nomen
06-06-2002, 05:59 PM

06-06-2002, 07:26 PM
thats a lot to ask for, since its pretty hard to make a jk2 model people who can actually do it will most likely put most of thier effort in making models from the movies and the like because thats whats hot in demand.

if getting models in jk2 was easy there would probably tons of people who could help you out.

06-07-2002, 09:13 AM
all you need is to export your model tagged & all to md3 & in md3 view you open it(comes with tools)& export in glm.simply as that.