View Full Version : Modification of Cheat Codes?

Sean Ngiam
04-14-2000, 06:10 AM
I'm a beginning editor. so if I make any mistakes in using terms of anything, please correct me.

I'm working on a Matrix mod now, and everything's been pretty successful until now - I'm trying to modify the effects of the 'slowmo" cheat code. Is it possible to make the player unaffected by this code?


Darth Joha
04-14-2000, 11:20 AM
No idea about the code, but I understand what you're getting at... wow, will that look cool!

"Khabtatein fi ras tuga'"- Arabic for "Two hits on the head hurts."

Sean Ngiam
04-15-2000, 01:22 AM
Thanks. I just need to know what part or file from JK controls the cheat codes.

If anyone has any idea at all...

04-15-2000, 02:33 AM
Did you make the level Dojo if so you have like 2 bugs in it...and I think you should redo the way you look when you jump it looks dumb and make it so you have faster fireing guns.....I'm not tryign to be a jurk and I dont think I can do better than you so I should shut up..

Sean Ngiam
04-15-2000, 05:37 AM
Nope, I didn't make "Dojo" or anything like that.
Does anyone here at least know anyone who's really experienced in cogging so I can ask him/her about the slowmo code modification?

04-15-2000, 02:59 PM
Go to www.massassi.net (http://www.massassi.net)

They have all the answers.

Sean Ngiam
04-15-2000, 03:19 PM
Thanks, but if you're referring to the Specs, I got them already and they weren't much help.

I registered at their forum too, with the same question but no answer.
Thank you.


04-21-2000, 07:13 PM
Hey I found a mod for slow mod go here and get it I hope it helps you its for JK I think you can use ti tho http://www.swfiles.net/files/jk_and_mots/levels/jkmod/slowmo.zip