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09-10-2000, 02:00 AM
Which one do you like better, Jedi Knight or Mysteries of the Sith?

09-10-2000, 05:24 AM
I canít compare,
one is SOMEWHAT finished, the other is rushed.
MOTS have some very frustrating levels, (at least 2), and stupid ending.
One have a tweaked saber movement, the other donít, MOTS force pull is kinda ďbrokenĒ.

In MP:
the MOTS community is a LOT more mature (a LOT less cheaters/hackers/lamers) than JK. But also is very small, 45 players for every 300 in JK.(Iím talking of the damn stupid ZONE)

They are very different to me.
Is something that was designed to be an improvement of JK but it end up in a bizarre situation. (Very few liked that upgrade).

And is bizarre to compare them.

09-13-2000, 04:36 PM
i think jedi knight is cooler, but i wish it had cameras and the sniper gun like in mots. so my answer would be Jedi Knight since you can go to al's page and get all the skins (i got all the episode 4-6 skins plus the expanded universe skins, haven't tried them all though.)

09-17-2000, 12:43 AM
Well, 99% of them are as ugly as the rendering engine it self, except for Boba fett, and Darth Maul, I just recommend you to download the BFP 2X and install it, that way the quantity of KYLEís online will reduce (more variety).

09-17-2000, 01:49 AM
Jedi Knight for single player, MotS for multiplayer.. both have their own strengths and weaknesses.

Am I having deja vu?

Btw, Garindan you can download two compilation of all of Al's Skins (one Star Wars, one non-Star Wars) in Gob format from the following page:


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09-19-2000, 05:37 PM
what's gob format do? is it easier to use the players (like i don't need to go thorugh and find all the mat files and 3do files)?

09-19-2000, 06:46 PM
It's just easier to run (just one file instead of thousands), and it corrects a few glitches (some of the sound files aren't correct in the orininal and also the saber tips are more square in the ungobbed version).

It's just nicer and more organized. Little touches like all the skins being in alphabetical order, etc.