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Jedi Kenobi
06-14-2000, 03:14 AM
I used Al's Anakin skin and made a single player mod where you are him. You have force push and kick. You also have a blue lightsaber. If you are interested, ask me for it.

I really need to shrink this picture.
Jedi Kenobi
Jedi Knight

06-14-2000, 09:03 AM
Hey, why don't you get it posted on a website or something and tell the news staff at JK.net or some other websites about it.

That would give you maximum exposure and alow more than just a few people on this forum to get it...

; L~

"the grass is always greener"

Jedi Kenobi
06-14-2000, 12:24 PM
I got it covered. I sent it to Massassi.net and I'm gonna send it to JK.net today probably. I'm just not sure how to send it to JK.net.

06-14-2000, 08:37 PM
Maybe you should send a mail to the moderators of this board. They are the JK.net staff!

Jedi Kenobi
06-14-2000, 09:29 PM