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06-07-2002, 05:12 PM

As the the Star Wars novels have been wriiten, it is common for a book to have a major battle which is usually at the end of each story and little battles in between. Whether the Rebels are attacking the Empire, Empire attacking somewhere in the Outer Rim, or planetary bombarments are being accomplished by either factions.

Question: Will this game have that sort of feel, where (for example) while on planetside, all of a sudden a garrison of AI Stormtroopers or AI Rebel Troops appear to moving on an objective.

Has anyone heard of the Dev Team implementing this type of idea?

Most Star Wars stories display the struggle of domination or defense between the factions for the control of space, supplies and the planets with in the SW universe.

I do not see this game having a definite feel of a strafing balance if the role of domination, as per the SW Storylines, if it is dependant apon players like ourselves. Yes the game looks great, do not get me wrong, but the role of being a social butterfly fighting Peer vs Peer is to common. I might as well play Unreal, Quake 3 Areana, Soldier of Fortune, or Jedi Knight Outcast.

I am Greatfull Great Developers, and Lucas have created a Starwars Mass Multiplayer Online Game which is absolulely brilliant. But will this game have the feeling of the true Star Wars outline, will we fight a garrison of Stormtroopers or Rebel troops while they are trying to take a planet or city? Will battles like The Battle of Endor, Battle of Nal Shadda, and Battle on Ylesia be simular in this game? Will we be hunting down secret weapons the Empire is designing, or will we be just killing each other, or drinking it up while we get our hair styled. Will be be just trying to be jedi, or smuggling spice, which will get old after a year.

My point is, yes we can do it as players, but have you play WWII Online and tryed to organize 50 players attacking a town? It is a pain in the a$$.

I hope the SWG Dev Team will implement storylines and battles so we as players who play the part of being a Star Wars Character can truely fight for a cause. If not this is going to turn into an Ultima Online game with advanced technology and graphics.

06-08-2002, 03:07 AM
huh, say that again?

Lord Helmet
06-08-2002, 12:07 PM
go read the faqs, introduction and everything on the game...that should answer your question ...but to be briefer...yes