View Full Version : Need Help please

04-24-2000, 10:17 PM
I just install Jedi knight dark force 11
and I can't run the game at all, when I try to run the game
I have a message, JK performed an illegal operation....
then close the program. I have already reinstall it twice
whitout success

Here is my configuration:
Pentium 166
48 megs of ram
1 giga space on my hardrive
video card viper 330
I really over the minimun requirement
directX 6.0
So what is wrong

Any help will be appreciate.

05-21-2000, 07:55 PM
Did you install Directx? If you didn't, that might be why JK won't run.

The Force
05-26-2000, 09:08 AM
It might be an idea to install JK with low res and low sounds. I always find that helps.