View Full Version : The need of OSP like mod

06-08-2002, 04:31 AM
First let me say hello from Bulgaria . I am game admin in a big Game Club network in here - i admin the game servers :) , so i have experience in working with servers etc... The things that makes games like q3 easy to administrate are those mods that dont change nothing to gameplay etc... just what u need if u want your players to play matches without the need of admin present. Not that the built in vote system is not enough, but there are various number of stuff that need to be there . I dont want to describe features...just take a look at the OSP or CPMA mods for q3 and youll know what i mean. If i had the skills to write such mods i've would do them by myself .... but i dont have such :P

.. you know.. it's all about pro-gaming :)

It will be nice to see such mods done for JK2 coz i really like the game :)

sorry for my bad english :)

Edit : the links to the 2 mods i mentioned about are :

OSP - http://www.orangesmoothie.org
CPMA - http://www.promode.org