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06-08-2002, 07:40 AM
Changed a few things. But still need help. One: Does anyone know how to make the black_smoke effect when a limb is cut off by a Saber diffrent? What I mean is, I made a texture that looks like a stream of blood. But when I cut, it still does the black_smoke. Damn. I what it so that it repeats the animations over and over for a few seconds to give it a streaming, rotated blood effect.

Also. I tried the Bryiar code thingie. Ice (something I forgot ) said that if the dismember code only works depanding how strong the damage is. But that won't work (I think) because, first I tried and second, the RPG is set to 100 damage, so if that was true, woudn't it do dismembering? I guess not. Please someone help me on how to figure this out.

What I need is to somehow find or change the code were is tells what weapons can dismember. Does anyone know? If so, please e-mail me at


Thanks. Also could anyone give me another Raven Soft coders e-amil? Mike isn't responding. Please.

Thanks again guys! I will get this and when I am done, release the code so that everyone can have GORE made by Fox Hound Technology in there MOD :):fett:

06-08-2002, 12:55 PM
Ok. Let's trace through dying again. It's the weekend so I actually have more than an hour to look at stuff.

Open up g_combat.c and look in line 2175. This is inside the player_die function. If the means of death was by the saber, it does a dismember check with the damage value. You can alter the means of death condition. What calls player_die is when the "die" function is set *normally* to player_die (this can change for different situtations, but this is the usual case). the die function gets called from G_Damage where the amount of damage gets altered and then the target's health check for death is done.

Is that better?