View Full Version : Debugging JK2 Mods

06-08-2002, 09:59 AM
Hi there,

I am currently using Visual Studio.NET to compile and run my JK2 mods. I can get them to load correctly, and so far havent had any trouble with crashes, bugs or other problems. However, I'm sure these will follow soon enough, and so was wondering if anyone had solved this little problem yet:

How is it possible to run JK2, and when pausing execution manually (ie alt-tab to Visual Studio, click on pause), see the call stack for the game dlls?

If you place a breakpoint before running JK2, it will work fine, and youll see all the function calls and itll get to the correct location in your code. However, stopping manually seems to show nowt (unless, I guess, youre really lucky and happen to click it while its in the game code, I havent seen this happen yet on 10+ attempts).

Any ideas? I was under the impression that JK2 is multi-threaded, and so there should always be at least a saved frame pointer to the next instruction, and since the DLLs are loaded at startup, itd make sense that thered always be a point of execution in each DLL.

Jay (ignore the z0r, some lesser being nicked the forum name, arg)