View Full Version : Oh geezzzzz!

10-02-2000, 09:22 PM
Well, Ive got a new site goin, thats the good part I guess. http://defo.cjb.net
The bad part.....MY GOD! This Message Board has......died! I remember when there used to be at least 5 new posts each day. Now, 5 posts, for 5 days. Id appreciate your visit on our site. PS; Yes, there are JK addon downloads

Boss, de plane, de plane!! *SNORT*

Pedro The Hutt
10-03-2000, 05:28 PM
What are you talking about, this forum is alive and trying to kick. Just look at the X-wing forum, nobody has posted there for over a month (until I tried to revive it), so could everybody stop whining when a forum is dead when isn't dead when doesn't get a post for moe then 2 days!

I am your father.

Kipple Master
10-04-2000, 09:49 PM
This is the only posted topic in the last 5 days. Where has everybody gone? Is there some other forum I should know about?

"It's a Minor Earth, Major Sky"-Paul Waaktaar Savoy/Magne Furuholmen, Minor Earth,Major Sky

10-14-2000, 07:40 AM
My advice Kipple, if you don't like it, leave, nobody's forcing you to stay. This isn't one of those forums where you see hundreds of posts a day or every other minute. If nobody posts for a solid week, then start to worry. If you want to know where they might have gone, check www.obi-wankenobi.net (http://www.obi-wankenobi.net) probably speculating about the new game.

PS: This week doesn't count 'cause JK.net's server was having problems, so people couldn't get in.