View Full Version : Changing a Bot Saber Color??

06-08-2002, 10:31 PM
Anyone know how to do this? I'm sick of seeing the "ROTJ" Luke with that sorry blue saber! How do we change it to the proper green one??

06-09-2002, 03:20 AM
You have to edit .txt file called bots.txt inside one of the assets.pk3 files, I think its assets1.pk3. In this text file you'll see something like this.....

name "Luke"
model Luke
color1 4
personality /botfiles/Luke.jkb
//Luke is attached to Lando, Jedi, and Jeditrainer

name "Kyle"
model Kyle
color1 4
personality /botfiles/Kyle.jkb
//Kyle is attached to MOrgan, Jan and Mon Mothma

The number beside color1 designates a certain lightsaber color to that bot. The file defaults all light side bots to use blue sabers and dark side bots red sabers. From looking at the file, 0(zero) is th Red Saber and 4 is blue.

Here is the list
0 - Red
1 - Orange
2 - Yellow
3 - Green
4 - Blue
5 - Purple

Heres how you'll want to do this, extract the bots.txt file from assets1.pk3 using winzip, modify that file to your liking as far as saber color goes, and make a folder called botfiles. Paste your modified bots.txt into the botfiles folder. Now use winzip to compile the the botfiles folder and name it something like botsabercolors.pk3. And paste your newly created .pk3 file into the folder named Base inside Jedi Outcasts folder named gamedata.
Now the bots should have the saber colors you designated them. If you dont know what i'm talking about then i can e-mail you my .pk3