View Full Version : Milkshape wheres the love?

06-09-2002, 05:11 PM
Thread is aimmed at all the people that seem to think milkshape is a horrible program and think that it is ok to openly bash it even when they have never fully used it.

Prepare to be FLAMED.

I am really starting to get pissed off at people who have never used milkshape always bashing it in this forum. I have read a few posts where someone asks if you can do something in milkshape and Gmax/Max users says "NO you can't" When you can do it but since they use Gmax/Max they don't know how. So they say "no I am sorry that program sucks."

It's a good program, its uber easy to learn. i am not saying everyone should stick with it forever. But if your just learning it gives you all the basic tools you will need to learn. Without any of the billions of confusing menus and fly out crap. All those features can be a huge turn off to most poeple who are just starting to learn.

I started off with MAX and found it be so compilcated and confusing all I wanted to do was move a few verts around and i had to click on this to make it so I can edit it, then I had to click on that so I could use the selction tool, then I had to tell the program I wanted to move just the verts around, then I had to select the move tool, then i could only move by the XYZ arrows. SHESH!

I found all very fustrating and confusing. So someone suggested that I try out Milkshape. I loved it! I made a super soaker with the first hour of using it. where as with max I had managed to create a box and get really pissed off :(

If you don't like d-loading illegal copies of max and can't afford the price tag. If you find GMAX confusing. Then the other good alternative is milkshape.

Again I am not saying milkshape is the program of choice but it is a good learner program and it does more than most people think. So please if you have not used the program and learned fully what it can and can not do, then don't comment on it in a negitive way. It's pointless and rude to it's creator. It's like me calling you ugly when we have never met!?