View Full Version : New SP'er, can't use force speed, stuck!

Hans Svetty
07-17-2000, 05:47 AM
I'm at the market area and need to use force speed for the first time to leap accross the rooftops. I've read the manual, tried the hot keys,reinstalled, no luck. The Jedi Powers screen shows two stars. It baffles me. I see no force power indicator in the corner of the screen as described when I hit the F key, or the others, F5 I believe...I would really like to play, but I will never make that jump unless you can suggest something. What a great game. It plays smoother than Half-life on my machine. Any suggestions would be welcome, thanks!


07-17-2000, 11:35 AM
That's odd.. nothing happens at all when you use the "use force" key (with the force power selected using the "next/prev" force power keys)?

Can you see your HUD? There should be a little thing on lower right side of the screen showing the amount of ammo you have, batteries/field light, plus a red/orange globe that represents your force mana.

If this is solid black, it means you are out of mana and cannot use a force power. However if you ATTEMPT to, the text should appear at the top of the screen showing the power you tried to use.

I would check to be sure you have the force power again (hit esc and go into Force Powers and make sure you have stars assigned), also be sure you have your keys bound correctly. It should at least show the text above proving you tried to use the power..


07-17-2000, 01:21 PM
I can see what's happened - you have to assign the Force Stars before you begin a level. This means that you can't change your force powers once they've been set.
You dont actually need Force Speed to get across the rooftops. Try controlling your character from the third person view, and you should find it easier.
You have to look around for the best way up onto the roof.

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