View Full Version : Master cheech, dis is about your "team"

06-10-2002, 10:49 AM
Master cheech, I am {ANAKIN}i am interested in your "team", i would love to join you and your fellow clones. I am a honoured Jedi master, I have 4 padawans:
1. {MACE} (he was killed by evil lord leon heart), lost contact with him
2. {MACE} (named after my first padawan)
3. {ICE} my friend
4. {FIRE} also my friend, he is the twin of ice (in real life)

my screen name is {ANAKIN}, We can add each other to our gamespy list.

I can be a member of the team, but not a soldier, i shall remain as a jedi.

Multiplayer name: {ANAKIN}
Favorite CTF Position: Fighter, flag stealer (I turn invicible)
AOL Screename or AIM Screename: bouncyboy1988 (i am new to aim)
E-mail: god_of_fire2222@hotmail.com

Please reply, remember, i shall remain as a Jedi master