View Full Version : raven software.. my thoughts.

06-10-2002, 04:35 PM
Raven in the past has made some very good games for us all. However this game has now degenerated into a backstab war between newbies who only care for frags and winning.. not the skill involved and the fun and enjoyment of playing. It is widley known that the cl_XXXXXXXX command is exploited for everyone experienced you know which command i am reffering to. This has totally ruined the game for us all and now is widely being used by everyone. people are now giving the excuse "well everyone else does backstab exploit i suppose i should also" Im sure ravensoft has recieved over 1000 emails about these simple problems that would take about 10 minutes to apply into a new simple patch. first off the cvar cl_XXXXXXXX command would have to either be locked in multiplayer to its default value or removed totally. second the damage that backstab, (all stances) death from above (red stance) does should all be reduced. instead of doing 99.9% damage they should be doing maybe 20.0% - 40.0% damage ? Im sure when raven was testing this new "flawless" final patch they didnt think that some people would be abusing one hit kills ? As a customer of past raven games it just pisses me off that there reply to all of this is "We are happy with the game as it is no other patch will be released" You have how many people on here supporting your games and also the release of a new patch but its too hard to spend about 10 - 20 minutes writing something that would change the way "GOOD" players look at the game? wouldnt preserving your customers and making them happy do you good in the future release of your games? I dont mean to sound like a bitchy person here but i just feel this step is a very small one compaired to most which would make a lot of people happy playing this game.. and hopefully all the backstab spammers would be forced to play the game as it was ment to be learned skill not aquired from some cheap exploited move.

Anyway I am sure this has just been more of a waste of time for me writing this. I am almost positive it will have no impact from what i have heard from raven so far. But oh well

Enjoy the game everyone i try to forget about this every time i enter a server with spammers. hope its as easy for you all to do the same.