View Full Version : What the hell is wrong with you people?

Paladin Musashi
06-10-2002, 08:52 PM
Ok, I ranted, now I'm revising this into something less offensive.

If you can't get the files working, fine, but you need to provide a secondary outlet because most of your archived files are not available anywhere else.

Might I suggest that you make a practice of submitting everything submitted to you to JK2Files (http://www.jk2files.com) or at least upload them directly to FileFront (http://www.filefront.com) or FilePlanet (http://www.fileplanet.com) so that we the users can access them when your site is having troubles? This would take some of the regular load off your servers as well.

Thank you,
-Paladin Musashi

06-11-2002, 05:11 PM