View Full Version : Fight Bot for Zone useage

11-12-2000, 03:51 PM
A few people I have seen over the zone had a program called "Fight Bot", its a program that you can initiate in the zone chat rooms. Does anyone know where to get it at?

To the weak who challenge mighty foes, A battle to abide. Like elephants with broken tusks, return with drooping pride.

11-17-2000, 01:24 PM
Oh one of those programs that let's you flood people and annoy the hell out of them on the Zone?

I don't think so. First off, it's against the Zone policies to use such programs, and it makes the idiot to "people there to actually play games" ratio much more disproportional.

Much as I find fault with the Zone, I don't feel like contributing to the already large number of idiots hanging out on there looking to cause trouble.

Sorry guy, try the Zone. If you have further questions, feel free to email me.


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