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Daver Hacker
06-11-2002, 07:31 AM
Hello fellow Jedi,

I am really n00b to this game - but I love it already! My biggest blank spot is how do you use the saber most effectively?
Do you just charge in with the fire button held down and let it swipe around in your opponents face, or do you block and do tactical swings and sweeps?
Or do you alter the saber stance every second or just once or twice during a duel - or not at all???

thanks in advance.

06-11-2002, 07:42 AM
Just pull and backstab like most others, that'll get ya by :D
Nah, seriously, it depends on who you're fighting, and what stance and strategy they're using. Don't just swing wildly, cos a good fighter will time his\her blows precisely and kill you in no time.
Watch your opponenet, watch their stance, and go for openings, sidestep and swipe if they charge you. If they're on heavy stance, a little bit of light will get you a couple of hits, then change to yellow as they'll probably try a different tactic then. Use heavy stance for power, but it's slow, so make sure your opponent isn't zipping around the place.
Step back and face off again - basically everyone has their own strategies... that's sort of how I fight. After playing for awhile you'll get to know things better. You'll have to learn to counter spammers as well, but there's plenty of other threads around on that.

Oh and don't spam - you'll die alot quicker then :)

06-11-2002, 07:48 AM
Heh, man you definately do not just go in there with sabers swinging or someone else will ream ya good. Think of this as something like Bushido Blade or Mortal Kombat, almost. That's what sets this apart from the other FPS games. There's swordplay involved, and various combos with the saber. Different people have different techniques. Some like to heavywhore the red stance and hey, if you can hit em' with it then great. But don't expect to do so well against me. My own personal tactics are to stick with the light stance. I evade their attacks by jumping over them or sidestepping around them while keeping em' in my sights. Usually when they try a major move like the DFA, light lunge, etc. I'll have dodged it and circled around to their backside. There's a brief window of opportunity where they're left open as the attack animation plays out, and I hit em for all I'm worth. There's so many things to try and pretty much just practice at it, you'll find a method you're comfortable with. But there's strategy to be had if you're going against another good player in a duel.

06-11-2002, 10:37 AM
Contrary to what many people tell me, Fast whoring is a very valid tactic. A fast player who is slashing wildly without stopping to block properly can be hell, if they know what they're doing and constantly facing you.

Most importantly: When on the defensive, watch their *lightaber* in relation to your facing.

When on the offensive, watch your lightsaber in relation to their body. The last thing you want is hitting the tip of his saber when you aimed for his torso.

And since all the models on the game have their lightsaber held to their right side, always aim to their left when striking for their body. And face to their right when parrying.

And for god's sake, kick them to death if they try a yellow special or DFA on you. See if you can do it when they lunge you as well.

And unless you want to end the match quickly, the last thing you want is ending up in brawl with your enemy: You are both extremely close and simply swing, slash and chop at each other. Since neither of you parry, you both end up very wounded and the luckiest person wins. Avoid this.

Just my thoughts.

Daver Hacker
06-11-2002, 10:39 AM
Cheers guys - I see what you mean, there is some real tactics and stretegy to the saber - no wonder I am a bit naff with it. I obviously need to practice and learn the stances better. :fett: