View Full Version : Fandango keeps crashing (with the patch)

shigeru stretch
06-11-2002, 02:02 PM
Ok, so I installed Grim Fandango and it keeps crashing every two or three minutes, at the very most. I've installed the patch, too. My processor is an amd1800+ and my graphics card is a geforce4ti4200. I've been told that this game just won't run on really new fast computers, is this true? Have I no hope of playing this game on this pc? If not I guess I can always dust off my old pc and give it a go on that, so no big deal.

Anyway, thanks for any help.

Tall Guy
06-11-2002, 03:07 PM
well the patch was developed to fix some problems that where linked to fast machines over 400Mhz, which was fast when GF was first released. so im not not sure how its going to fair on an AMD 1800+!

If you're running XP u might want to try running it in compatility mode for 95/98/ME and see if that has an effect.

The *.lab files from the CD can be copied over to the hard drive to improve in-game performance, so u might want to try that too.

Appartently running GF in 32bit color mode can also cause problems so try taking it down to 16bit.

If that all fails just try it on the other machine!