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07-31-2000, 05:22 PM


07-31-2000, 06:16 PM
I'm about to give you a big "hell yes," rappy my amigo!

This week my roomie is going to QuakeCon so he'll be leaving me with all my ports open (don't take that in a sick way now) and that means 640K DSL madness, finally! ; )

Muahhahaha.. you guys better watch out (once I get my rusty skills back)!


08-05-2000, 03:41 AM
Yup, tried it out. Great clean interface.. much more stable than the Zone. Hasn't crashed on me once!

I love how you can keep it up and have people just join, and you get 16 players. The "ping" thing is nice.

I had to post my country and area code.. otherwise it said I was off the western coast of Africa. ; )

Sadly, it doesn't have many people using it for JK/MOTS. But it does have a nice feature that let's you search GS members that have the game installed and lets you invite them to the room.

We need to snag more people from the Zone to come here... course you can post a game and tell folks your IP and they can join you from anywhere.

Way to go Gamespy!


08-05-2000, 07:59 AM
I'll see if I can't get the rest of my clan members to use GS - we're all sick and tired of <shudders>The Zone.
Hey, maybe if guys like Kurgan posted on our forum, maybe my clan leader would listen. http://www.ldb.org.uk is our page.
While you're there, drop by my site and leave me a message on my board;

www.thereckoning.co.uk (http://www.thereckoning.co.uk) - My Personal Starcruiser.