View Full Version : The coolest trick-help me

Jed Dye
06-14-2002, 12:59 PM
I was in a multiplayer game, and these guys were doing this trick that would make their characters do a breakdance.

Does anybody know how they did it, and could you tell me?

Purdy pleez

06-14-2002, 01:05 PM
Backwards -> crouch and move the mouse sideways.
A really high mouse sensivity setting helps.

Good luck!


jedi jesus
06-14-2002, 01:27 PM
you can find a tutorial on this on my website


it explains everything step by step, in your case you will want to go to the how to break dance section

06-14-2002, 03:01 PM
BESTEST MOVE EVER!!!!!11111111oneoneone1111