View Full Version : Well I have a Epic story.

Lord Reye's
06-14-2002, 09:16 PM
But it has to be co-op.

It's about a Master and a Padawn sent to check out a Ancient

Temple ruin. That leads into a Epic Three Episodes of it's own.

That takes place long after Luke Skywalker. The New Republic

is well over powering the Empire. Except for a new fleet of

emperial ships. Which no one can understand where their

credits and supplies are coming from this new rise in power

is a consern.

I've been emailing you guys can one of you talk to me I've been

working on this story for 5yrs I promise it is very good I even

made a map for JK2 that has the ending fight for episode 1 of

my trilology...

Do not show yourself heated up at a one evil only to do evil...