View Full Version : WIP (and some questions) : Imperial_Experiment

06-15-2002, 12:18 PM
Have started work on an SP map called Imperial_Experiment. The idea is basically that there is a base which is experimenting on species, then it all goes wrong. I guess this idea has come from Half Life and System Shock 2 a bit, but will have some fairly differences hopefully. Few things I could do with some help on...

1. Can't seem to get those horrible creature things from the mine level to attack the bad guys as well as the player, they just go straight for the player! Anyway of getting them to attack everythng?
2. Is there any way of getting NPCs to strt as bodies, so I can have some lying about the place ala System Shock 2? If not are there any / would anyone be willing to make a dead stormtrooper prefab?
3. There seem to be a load of NPC Monsters that don't have models / AI's, anyone got any ideas how to encorperate them in some way?

Appreciate any help/suggestions :)