View Full Version : A difficult time with a x-wing mission

08-14-2001, 11:51 PM
There is a mission in the game x-wing(tour 1 :OP 7) where I have to fly a y-wing to disable three x-wings with subverted r-2 units and protect shuttles while they repair the r-2 units and rescue the pilots. I can't get past this one and achieve all goals. I can achieve all the goals except keeping shuttle 2 from being destroyed.It repairs the r-2 unit then is destroyed after.. MY wingmen (other y-wings) do not acknowlege orders when I use shift A to order them to attack. They just go to hyper and get out. Any thoughts to help me get past this one and put the slow y-wing piece of junk behind me.

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08-15-2001, 10:21 PM
Try my universal fixit-

1) Remove tower to outdoor location
2) Remove coverings to reval inside
3) Pumel repeatedly with sledgehammer until problem is resloved. :D