View Full Version : New Collector's Series Worth Buying?

01-19-2001, 05:43 PM
What's the verdict on the collectors re-release editions of the game? (the latest version whatever it included). Or should I just keep with XWA and when I feel nostalgic, make some XMS and EMS then load and play TIE Fighter and X-Wing?

Paul Barnard
aka Bad Monkey
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01-19-2001, 07:57 PM
Personally, I don't own any of the games myself, but I have a friend who does and he's a big fan.

Basically, X-Wing Trilogy is just a boxed set of games from the series.

If you already have X-Wing Collector's CD, TIE Fighter Collector's CD and XWA, you can save your money.. unless you just want a shiny new box.

It also comes with the XvT demo (14 mission flight school academy), but I'm sure you can just download that (or get it free with a mag or video card someplace), or buy the real thing pretty cheap.

Now if you are like me and don't own the games, it's a real bargain to get them all together in one pack like this. ; )


01-22-2001, 01:02 PM
it's worth it if you have a friend who likes computers and plays on the net, 'cause you could give him x-wing alliance (assuming you don't have tie fighter or xwing) and you could play online together.