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06-17-2002, 10:04 PM
I've decided to make a mod for jk 2, caled Galactic Weaponry, Heres a taste of what will be in the mod, a full list of details will be available soon for download.

I can do the site and code, I don't enjoy level design or modelling so I'd rather not do those, this is where I need the help the most.

Please give me any comments or questions you may have.

We will not be looking for testers for another month at least.


Galactic Weaponry

Please note: These plans are only for the multiplayer side of the mod.

Key Aspects
∑ VGUI Menus
∑ Futuristic Weaponry
∑ Takes place in the Star Wars Galaxy
∑ Credits System, credits will be awarded for completing an objective or for killing an enemy.
∑ Skills Placement
∑ Team play, Death match and Objective game play.
∑ Players will bleed when hit, bleeding will result in a 5 hp loss every 10 seconds, one may stop bleeding by taking a bacta tank.
∑ Health is based on 100.
∑ Shields are based on 100.
∑ Team killing, if friendly fire is on, will result in instant death.
∑ All weapons will be bought, you will just start out with fists, a punch deals 5 damage, a kick deals 10 damage.-

Weapon Classes:
∑ Melee
∑ Energy Cell
∑ Power Cell
∑ Nuclear
∑ Particle Weapons
∑ Explosives
∑ Projectiles
∑ Equipment

Please Note: All Damage will depend on where on the body you hit them.

Melee Weapons:
∑ Light-saber:
1. Attack 1: Short Swing
2. Note: You may block low charged energy or power bolts while using the short swing
3. Attack 2: Broad Swing
∑ Power Axe
1. Attack 1: Short Swipe
2. Attack 2: Broad Swipe
∑ Stun Baton
1. Attack 1: Extends and whatever it touches it shocks
2. Attack 2: None

Energy Cell:
∑ Blaster Pistol
1. Attack 1: Chargeable energy bolt
2. Attack 2: Self-Destruct Grenade
∑ Blaster Pistol with Scope
1. Attack 1: Chargeable energy bolt
2. Attack 2: Scoped View
∑ Blaster Rifle
1. Attack 1: Single Energy Bolt
2. Attack 2: Rapid Fire
∑ Sniper Rifle
1. Attack 1: Highly Chargeable Energy Bolt
Note: When hit with fully charged energy bolt instant (vaporization)
2. Attack 2: Zoom-able Scope

Power Cell:
∑ Crossbow
1. Attack 1: Chargeable bolt
Note: When the fully charged the crossbow will fire five bolts, charging the cross bow will not increase a boltís potential damage
2. Attack 2: Bouncing bolt
∑ Repeater
1. Attack 1: Rapid fire of small pellets
2. Attack 2: Concussion Grenade
∑ Concussion Rifle
1. Attack 1: Small ring like projectile
2. Attack 2: Large Long Range Concussion Blast
∑ Tribow
1. Attack 1: Three blots are fired forward
2. Attack 2: One highly charged bolt is fired forward causing reasonable damage.

∑ Nuke Launcher:
1. Attack 1: One Nuke is fired
2. Attack 2: Self-Destruct
∑ Gluon Gun:
1. Attack 1: Swirl like destructive beam
2. Attack 2: Weaker beam for a longer range
∑ Tao Canon
1. Attack 1: Quick Beam of energy
2. Attack 2: Chargeable Beam of Energy

Particle Weapons:
∑ Ion Cannon
1. Attack 1: ionic grenade
2. Attack 2: Ionic concussion blast
∑ Lightning Gun
1. Attack 1: A single beam of Lightning shoots forward
2. Attack 2: Three beams of lightning shoot forward

∑ Thermal Detonator
1. Attack 1: Delayed Explosion
2. Attack 2: Explosion on impact
Note: throw length is equal to the time held back
∑ Detonation pack
1. Attack 1: Throw
2. Attack 2: Detonate
∑ Time Bomb
1. Attack 1: Plant Bomb
2. Attack 2: None

∑ Rocket Launcher
1. Attack 1: One Rocket Fired Straight Forward
2. Attack 2: Two Rockets Fired Forward
∑ Rail Gun
1. Attack 1: One Rail is fired forward
2. Attack 2: One rail is fired and clings onto whatever it hits, it then starts its timer and explodes in 5 seconds.

∑ Light Amplification Goggles
∑ Bacta Tank
∑ Utility Belt
∑ Portable Shield
∑ Electro-Binoculars
∑ Shield Generator

Items- objects which can be picked up.
∑ Small Shield Recharge-restores 25 shields
∑ Large Shield Recharge-restores 50 shields
∑ Ammo Backpack-Contains last used weapon of a player plus what was selected in his or her inventory.
∑ Health Kit-restores 25 health
∑ Bacta Tank-stops bleeding

∑ Marksmanship- Higher the skill level the better the person aims
∑ First Aid- able to heal temates, skill level decides how many bacta tanks you start out with.
∑ Stealth
∑ Agility
∑ Endurance
∑ Strength

∑ Ammo Boxes Ė store all types of ammo
∑ Force fields - blocks the path from users, and fire.
∑ Laser Turrets- fires two medium charged energy bots rapidly.
∑ Missile Turrets- fires one rocket ever 3 seconds.
∑ Elevators- takes the user up and down in a level
∑ Conveyor Belt-moves objects and or players in a certain direction.

Please note: Additional information will be added later.

06-17-2002, 10:46 PM
this could be a bit difficult (19 weapons) but since i see that they share ammo (about 9 types of ammo), it only comes down to lots of bitwise operations to pack them together.

06-18-2002, 12:09 AM
I understand this will be difficult, and I am willing to go all the way.

If you want to see a mod that somewhat similar in gameplay go to http://www.firearmsmod.com . This mod will be similar in some aspects to firearms ha-life, also please note, the PLANS HAVE BEEN UPDATED.

06-18-2002, 01:53 AM
dope, cant wait for it, i wana use dem nukes!!

06-18-2002, 04:11 AM
Galactic Weaponry really needs the jedi outcast community's help!

We need:
sprite designers
additional coders
texture artist
if you think of anything more let me know

You can reach me at:
Email: scc@modpages.com
Yahoo: hl_mod_maker
MSN: hl_mod_maker@yahoo.com
AIM: aocface
ICQ: 155494826