View Full Version : Zone Control for GB

Mad Eejit
06-18-2002, 12:01 AM
I was thinking og making a new multiplayer mod for GB based on the mod made for Starcraft although i was having a few problems making it.

If you are not familiar with the game here is short description, in brackets i will include what could be used to replace that unit or building for the GB version:

The map is sought of like a chess board with many different zones. The aim of the game is to simple kill the other players. You start of controlling 1 zone which in the middle of the zone is a bunker (turret). Every second or so a new marine (Stormtrooper) will appear next to the bunker. Evertime you kill an opposing team's unit you recieve 5 or 10 minerals (carbon) which can be spend on upgrading the marines or saving up for a science vessal (dropship) costing 250 minerals. This science vessal can be moved over the top of a zone and a new bunker will appear producing more marines. The more zones you have the quicker you produce marines. Also to make attacking easier, in case you have to many units to select in one go, in each corner of the map is a base for each team that is seperated from the central board. The base consisits of places to upgrade your units and six pads surronding a unit in the middle. When the unit moves onto one of the pads all of the units will move to the corner that pad represents.

I haven't really explained very well what it is like but if you have played it you would know what i mean. It is really simple and great fun especially when you have 100s of units running up to an enemy bunker. However, when trying to make this mod for GB i came across lots of problems that i need help with. 1st i had difficulty actually drawing out the map because in Starcraft the maps are rectangles but in GB they are diamond shape. 2nd i couldn't have it so all units moved over to the squares because it would only let me move units that where on the screen in the editor which is a problem seeing as i need it to move units that will appear later on. 3rd i need it to produce units every 1 second but it will only do it for the 1st second and not again. 4th is the same as the 3rd but with the kills and increaseing the resource.

This is a great mod that can be picked up by anyone so if you haven't played it on Starcraft buy Starcraft and download zone control. Could anyone with answers to my question reply ASAP i'm the quite new the game and the editor so i may look a bit dim with these questions but please try and help.