View Full Version : Differences between Leia campaign in GB and CC

06-18-2002, 12:28 AM
I started playing the Leia campaign in GB on hard setting.

Then I installed the CC x-pack.

I started a new Leia campaign in CC on hard setting. The problem is that in CC, the first level of this campaign is much easier than it was in GB. Also, in the two allied towns, the workers are not present in the CC version. There are nerfs in the town. In the GB version, you never see the nerfs because by the time you get to these towns, the workers have captured the nerfs and placed them in the stables. I have restarted the same level of the Leia campaign in CC and GB several times to compare. It is always harder in GB than in CC.

Has anyone else noticed differences like this? The CC version has the new units and whatnot, but if all of the campaigns are as easy as the first level of the Leia campaign, even on hard, then it's not worth playing those campaigns in CC. I will just play them in GB.



06-18-2002, 04:25 AM
Yeah, I've noticed problems like this as well. In the Spinnaker scenario of the TF campaign, for example, there seemed to be no offense coming out of Spinnaker aside from the initial rush. They just weren't producing any units to attack me or to defend against me (this happened on a couple of scenarios). The inability of the old campaigns to adjust to Air Cruisers is also a problem. I've done a couple of the scenarios with Air Cruisers, and the computer didn't do anything to stop me (didn't even build AA troops/ships/artillery). Hopefully if this gets to LucasArt they can fix it in a patch.

As for the Leia campaign... well it's about the same or easier until you get to the Hoth campaign. Then your small band of snow speeders not only has to deal with the AA artillery but also the upgraded AT-ATs... good luck ;)