View Full Version : The Rebel RM Alliance vs the Scenario Empire

06-18-2002, 01:07 AM
I think most of us can agree that the scenario games taking over the RM room is very annoying. The zone does not seem to be interested in enforcing the rooms so there is only one way to solve this: make them not WANT to play in the RM room. Easiest target: Senate games. They are so easy to mess up. Get the scenario, host a game, then get into it, pump out troops and destroy everything. They won't want to play in the RM room if half the senate games in the RM room are bogus and they can't tell which ones are real.

Soon the RM room will have much fewer scenario games if enough people do this with senate and other scenarios.

06-18-2002, 01:11 AM
I hate those stupid senate games. They take up all the spots in RM rooms while their rooms are empty. RMers and DMers should do anything possible to rid our rooms of senate ganers even if it means ruining their games because they're ruining ours.

06-18-2002, 01:42 AM
its absolutley terrible. There is little to no point to it, and it will last for at least two hours!!! I just tell the hosts to piss off!

06-18-2002, 02:20 AM
I haven't played on the zone, but I'd think people would at least be able to contain their games to their respective rooms. Are people just too lazy to switch between rooms or what?


06-18-2002, 03:44 AM
I was just on-5 people in Scen room and almost half the room was a scenerio and a another part was dm

06-19-2002, 01:30 AM
If those stupid senaters and hero festers would just go to their own rooms there would be so much more room for RM games and CC would get more zone players.

06-19-2002, 11:04 AM
There are some cool scenerio players like my clanmember MTS_CPL_OB1 and Napoleon08

06-22-2002, 04:45 AM
The other thing that I hate on the zone is that the Death Match games are all in the RMs room. If you dont like DM u r screwed!!!
LucasArts should lunch something similar to Blizzard's Battle.Net. It would be wise if it was like in StarCraft : there are no "Scenario" games in melee rooms since you DONT choose in wich room you want to create. However, I dont know if they have enought $$$ to do it...

06-22-2002, 05:06 AM
Infortunately i doubt lucasarts is going to launch anything, because unless they make another X-pack, our money is already in their pockets, so we basically don't matter anymore. If they were going to laucn something like that they would have done it when the game first came out to boost sales. And microsoft doesnt care about battlegrounds, so they arent going to enforce the rooms. But just maybe, if enough people start wrecking scenario games in the RM room, the scenario people will decide it would be easier just to go to their own room, and then the RM room will have room for RM games. IMO that is the only way to fix the problem at this point.

06-22-2002, 08:02 PM
yeah, but i dont think there will be another x-pack. Ep 3 will be out in like 3 years and other PC games will outmach battlegrounds by this time. For me, its already outmached bby W3 :D

06-30-2002, 08:54 AM
Lucasarts will not implement such a program not because of lack of money, but because of lack of people. Our ommunity is very small compared to that of Starcraft or AoK. And the zone hates us because we arent a big group and because we arent playing a microsoft product so the only money their getting is copyright and royalties. They will not enforce room rules or give us rated rooms. It would be so much more enjoyable if everyone would go to their own rooms and would lock up all the games on their own accord.