View Full Version : Confed. AI - Controlled Predators

06-18-2002, 05:29 AM
i set up a base where the confed can only build workers, grenade troopers and controlled predators.

is it just me, or does the Confed. never build Preds and uses them poorly?

is there any AI script out there to make the Confed. more agressive and effective with its Preds?

if not, can anyone give me an idea on how to make one?

thanks in advance.


06-19-2002, 07:14 AM
anyone? anyone at all? ;)

update, this base of mine won't build the grenade troopers either, aside from the preds it never builds, so it won't build anything but workers. =/

can anyone help? i have Idle worker's original AI pack but i don't know where to begin.


06-19-2002, 05:38 PM
You'll need an AI Script, but I dunno how to use those so I can't help ya there:(

06-21-2002, 05:50 AM
i've started contstructing the AI script, but the nexu reek and acklay aren't designated as units anywhere i can find in gamedata_x1.drs.

i find animal-nexu, animal-reek, and animal-acklay, but i think that's for random gaia animals, because the confed still won't build them.

am i out of luck? is there anyway to define a new unit the game can recognize?

any ideas?