View Full Version : New Star Wars (FC) Clan!

03-15-2000, 11:27 AM
Just wondering if anyone was interested in joining a new Star Wars Guild (mainly FC, and JK).
If so just head over to:

Its a pretty good site, if I do say so myself =)

Anyways, check it out please because Im looking for members, and the first few will get immediate rank


Exar Kun

03-19-2000, 07:21 AM
not a bad site at all. I would join if I wasnt in a clan already. but c'est la vie. Keep up the good work.

visit the Lucky Despot Boyz Jedi Knight Clan site www.ldb.org.uk (http://www.ldb.org.uk)

03-19-2000, 10:28 AM
Good to see you're not harbouring thoughts about leaving us Mod... :-)

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