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06-18-2002, 07:27 PM
OOC: Ok I've finally taken the initiative to start the thread myself seeming no-one else was really interested. I don't want this to be a place where people come to sort really big and drastic events or to really start any major fights.

I am continuing on The All Nighter - Anti Grav Dance Club/Bar from the official SWG Forums. The All Nighter was originally started by a guy called Stoogith but as those forums have many problems and are no where near as good as these forums (sorry for all you lovers of those other ones but its my opinion). I have only continued on the actual club/bar itself, not the characters within or the past stories/events associated with the premises.

It is a club/bar where people can come and relax, meet other characters and share their stories or maybe even meet true companions.

I am not taking responsibility for the running of the club/bar and also I am not taking dibs on the ownership of it. I would however like it if someone whos character suites the position to claim ownership of the club/bar and to also be there to run things along and act accordingly as a bartender etc. would act.

There will be service droids and the drinks available are upto those that order them.

The setting is in a club/bar on a small but frequently visited planet in the Star Wars Universe (where exactly I am not too sure) and on this particular part of the planet it is always night-time for some freak of nature reason.

Anyone is welcome here and I do not want any posts to drift from the story and role playing of the club/bar. If you want to argue about anything within then start it in another thread for all I care but DO NOT disturb the others peace within the club/bar.

Finally, everyone get along and try to keep the area peaceful.



A young man (human) wearing a long rope covering his face so much that it cannot be seen looks up in the distance. At about 400m infront of him he sees The All Nighter - Anti-grav dance club. He tries to get rise from his knelt position but falls the first attempt. After much struggle he staggers to the club, opening the entrance as the holds his left side. Suddenly he rises his head and yells "Oh...", he turns to withdraw as he tries inevitably to be not noticed by the inhabitants of the club as to not cause a large scene inside the club. As he is turning his eyes, though not visible, roll to the back of his head. He falls down the stairs still holding his side and ends up lying at the bottom of the flight. Unconscious, he lays.

06-23-2002, 08:05 PM

A hunched figure runs from the darkness surrounding the All-Nighter. He looks wildly about him, freeing Lekku previously encompassed in a flowing robe as he does so. Confident of his isolation, the middle-aged and portly Twi'Lek furtively darts to the entrance of the all nighter. After slipping some credits into the door-Gamorreans hands, he enters the bar, ignoring completely the collapsed robed figure at the bottom of the stairs...

06-24-2002, 04:21 PM
IC: A Twi'lek and Human working for the Alliance notice the young man in brown. They go outside, talk for a bit, then take him away in a hurry.

OOC: Sorry but my character has more story to this but this wouldn't be the right place to post it so I'll just say that "sometime has passed"

IC: SOMETIME HAS PASSED (surprise surprise)

The young man enters the club once again, like he did several weeks ago. Except this time hes not injured, but rather healthier than ever. He looks around then sits one of the tables close to the bar. The service driod buzzes over.

<Hello Sir! How can I help you?>

"Ah yes" the young man replies, "Hows the Jawa Juice in this sector?"

<The best sir, shall I fetch you some?>

"Better make it two, I'm expecting someone" He happily pronounces.

06-24-2002, 06:24 PM
OOC: i think by making several weeks pass, u kinda ruined royalguard's part :D

IC: Having just recently arrived in the city, Donga setts out to search his 'bounty'... information resources have led him to this city and his current lead brings him to "The All Nighter - Anti Grav Dance Club" where he is supposed to meet a corrupt Imperial in a few hours...

Donga enters the establishment and slowly walks to the bar, a few heads turn toward him but quickly look away again,awed by the mandalorian armor the man wears, and talks quietly to the bartender. He continues through the bar to take a seat in the darkest region of the bar. Once seated he looks arround him, without moving his head, and scans the area for potential leeks. Once he is certain the area is safe, he orders a drink of a service droid.

Although noone can see it, a few drops of swet are formed on his forehead as he prepares his suit for combat, each weapon's safety turned off, gun belt loose and scanners continually searching the room for suspicious movements, while his broadband antenna keeps in contact with his ship via a reserved frequency... His former contact said the Imperial was as corrupt as can be and would do anything for money, but when doing business with a man of such power and public displayed false integrity, one prepares for the worst.

OOC: I don't have any experience yet with roleplaying like this so I hope my debutant post ain't too bad :)

06-24-2002, 06:43 PM
OOC: That was excellent Dud. Hmmm I see what you mean about ruining RoyalGuards post.

Ok new rule/fact/thingy: when ever someone says "SOMETIME HAS PASSED" think of it as a hole in time. That way, people's posts won't be destroyed by the different timing of another's post.

IC: The young man recieves his Jawa Juice from the service droid. He notices the man in Mandalorian Armor. He gets up and walks over to the bartender. He whispers curiously "Whats a bounty hunter doing here?". The bartender tries to ignore the young man as to not get involved. "Excuse me I asked you something", his voice raises to just enough for others to notice. The bartender continues to ignore the man but it is obvious that something is bothering the bartender. The young man gives up and decides to take things into his own hands. He walks over to the shadowy parts of the club and sits next to the bounty hunter.

"So, you here for a relaxing time or am I new target as well?"

OOC: BTW my character is not your Imperial expectant and he has recently been attacked by a squad of Stormtroopers. That was why he passed out earlier on.your

06-24-2002, 09:57 PM
IC: The bounty hunter remains silent for what seems like ages, all the while remaining still. Then he finally says:," I don't know who you are, but I have an appointment with someone and I suggest you don't get involved."

The hunter remains silent again but after a few moments suddenly moves his head a notch, when you look behind you, you see a very obese man entering, accompanied by four stormtroopers. The man slowly makes his way to the bartender, has a brief change of words and then comes to the bounty hunter. "There he is, I really suggest you let us be." you're not sure but you think you detected a slight hesitation, and some nervousness in the man's words. As the obese man draws nearer, you see the bounty hunter checking the exits, which appear all to be blocked by stormtroopers.

06-24-2002, 10:19 PM
OOC: Dud, if you could, just play are your character. So instead of all the you and your, it would be, he and they etc. Do you get me?

IC: The young man looks also looks around at the stormtroopers quickly flooding to each exit. "Nah, I think I'll stick around for awhile" the man says, moving his hand towards his blaster on his hip. "Looks like I'm not the only one the Empires after. Talk about an overkill this is going to be". The young man is now iching at his blaster, waiting for the moment of truth. He takes one more glance to his side at the mysterious bounty hunter. "I hope your good at this sorta thing, I'll take your lead"

06-25-2002, 01:11 AM
OOC, yes the whole two weeks thing did screw me over a bit... modifications were necessary...

As the the white armoured shock-troopers of the Empire close off the exits, the over-weight Twi'Lek who has been frequenting the All-Nighter for a while settles deeper into his alcove, trying not to draw attention to himself, but watching the scenario with searching and intelligent eyes...

06-25-2002, 05:15 AM
A tall, rather muscular young woman with long, straight hair the colour of the rust on her swoop outside and with a patchwork clothing looks cautiously to her left, where a stoormtrooper barges past her. Her jacket says that she is a member of Corsec, but the rest of the uniform is replaced by more durable clothes, so you can't really tell...

She turns slowly to her right. Another stormtrooper. For the second time today, she starts to regret that she left her blaster in the swoop. Sure, she knew she was not wanted by the Imps, but you never knew with them bastards. It would not be the first time she saw other people than the wanted person being dragged away to a detention block...

She slowly weight the glass in her head. Sure, it's heavy. Really heavy. Heavy enough to knock out a stormtrooper? She hoped she would not have to find out.

06-25-2002, 06:28 PM
OCC: k i'll give it a try :)

IC: The bounty hunter remains seated as the obese man seats himself at the same table, clearly ignoring the other person standing there. He orders himself a drink of the service droid. When it is brung he looks for the first time at the man standing at the table. "Who might you be?" and even before you have the time to answer he says "No matter, you have no business with us, I suggest you leave." You see the obese man giving a signal to the stormtroopers and two of theml come standing behind you, ready to drag you away if nessecary. The bounty hunter nods at you "It's ok". You also notice the obvious unease of the bartender growing larger by the minute.

OOC: You can do what you want, stay there or retreat, have something ready for both actions :)

06-26-2002, 02:56 AM

As the obese human questioned the Bounty Hunter, the rise in tension in the bar became palpable. Twitching Lekku betraying his nervousness, the pasty-faced and sweating Twi'Lek loosened his outer robe and chittered something in a harsh high-pitched language. Ignored by those near by the small furry form of a kowakian monkey lizard emerged from the Twi'Leks robes and siddled along the bar floor, flitting like a shadow from table to table. Crouching behind a Stormtrooper intent on the ongoing confrontation the filthy creature deftly lifts a fragmentation grenade from the 'trooper's utility belt and quickly scuttles back to the Twi'Lek. Lekku twitching even more the Twi'lek lets the monkey lizard back into his robes, feeding it a treat and secreting the grenade in a pocket.

Taking a drink to calm himself the Twi'Lek divided his attention between the lethal looking human female and the Imperial/Bounty Hunter situation...

"I'm not going to leave here alive..." the Twi'Lek mutters under his breath...

06-26-2002, 04:08 AM
The bartender continues to look at the scene of growing unease and stealthily presses a button beneeath the counter. A few seconds later a Zabrak with a slim build walks cooly out of the backroom. He cracks his neck and pulls on his gloves. The gloves have the fingers cut off but are embedded with metal studs. He begins to polish a glass alongside the bartender.

So, you think you can handle this Ashard?

Well nothing has happened yet, right?

Well, no, but something's going to happen.

That's true, something will probably happen. Just play cool for now, and if you see any jerky, sudden moves get down as fast as you can.

Ok, but you're sure you can handle this?

Ashard, with a grin
Come on, how long have I been the bouncer for this place? What makes you so doubtful all of a sudden? Of course I can handle a few troopers. Besides, if my fists aren't enough I always have my pistols

The bartender looks at Ashard's belt and notices the two modified D-44's holstered on his back

God I hope it doesn't come to that.....it took me close to a week to clean up the last mess you made.....

Ashard laughs, but not with his eyes. His eyes calmly and coldly continue to watch the bounty hunter's table. This was what he lived for.

06-26-2002, 05:52 AM
The "tall, lethal looking human female" puts down her glass, calmly. Realizing that she is sitting in the middle of a bar filled with people with... dangerous agendas, she slowly shifts to her left corner of the table.

"Talk about being between a rock and a hard place", she whispers under her breath to the almost comical looking alien sitting at the other side of the table. "Lesson number one: always sit with your back rooted to the fuggin' wall. Sit tight, I'll see if I can get out and call for backup."

Slowly, she starts rising from her chair, hoping that the stormtroopers will be far too busy paying attention to the other patrons. But again, she got this weird feeling that today would not really be one of her best days this year...

06-26-2002, 06:54 AM

As the wiry Zabrak stood behind the bar, calmly cleaning glasses, D'rick stared into his eyes, and saw mirrored there a look he had seen in the eyes of countless cold-blooded killers - killers who were normally on a mission to kill him for supplying deficient creatures. Nervously fingering the frag grenade, and noticing the human female's increased alertness, D'rick muttered, "I'm soo dead, I should never have sold those vegetarian Gundarks to Firgir the Hutt, she never could take a joke!"

06-26-2002, 07:21 AM
With a hard thrust by the butt of his rifle, one of the stoormtroopers shoved the young woman down in her chair, and the half a dozen glasses on the table flew all over the floor when her head hit the table, barely cancelling the grunt from her throat. The sudden sound startled more than a few of the patrons.

"You stay out of this!", the stormtrooper quickly commanded, and moved further into the bar.

She had gotten the last thing she wanted today; attention, glass splinters all over her, and the beginning of a throbbing headache. 'Too bad there's so many of them', she thought.

06-26-2002, 09:31 AM
OOC: Certainly some action going on now. I like, I like.

IC:The young man looks deeply at the obese mans face. Then suddenly a flashback hits him, and hits him hard. Images of his fellow crew mates, his father, his best friend and his best friends father. All of them, including himself, firing rapidly at a squad of stormtroopers. Then striking pain to his left side. He'd been hit. The next bits a blur, but he distinctively sees his father knelt down before HIM!! THE OBESE MAN THERE!! WITH HIS FATHER KNELT BEFORE HIM!! **BANG!!** "Nooo!!!!!!!!" The young man cries out before coping a swift wack from the backend of a stormtroopers rifle butt

The young man looks with hate directly into the obese mans eyes. "I ain't going no where" he commands snarely.

06-26-2002, 06:13 PM
OOC: hehe me like this :)

IC: "Ok, don't say i didn't warn you..." You see him make another gesture at the stormtroopers and immediately they hit the man on the head with their blaster rifle. At the entrance of the club, six other stormtroopers arrive. "Leave him out of here, he has nothing to do with it." the bounty hunter mutters. "It's his own fault, he should have stayed out of it, I even warned him, something i rarely do." The obese man, lifts his hand, ready to give another gesture to the stormtroopers. "I'm warning you". The obese man immediately stops and begins to laugh "Why dear man, i don't think you are in a position to make threats, are you? But ok, let this charade be over, I am taking you under arrest. That should teach you to take a job of that rebelscum. Don't know what you were thinking when you asked me to rat out on a fellow collegue." the obese man gestures now at the 6 men at the portal, who immediately come to the table, while the others keep a watch out. "You have fifteen minutes to live, if you don't let me and everyone in this bar go" the bounty hunter says with an eary calm. The obese man Begins to laugh loudly, saying "Why my dear man, you are heavily overpowered and still you think you can blast your way out of here? You really must be even dumber than i thought at first." The bounty hunter remains silent for five seconds than turns his helmet straight towards the obese man "I have poisoned your drink with a rare poison of which only I have the antidote, if you don't let me and my friend here go, you will die in fifteen, no, fourteen by now, minutes. If you let us go, I will take you to my ship and give the antidote to you there, and don't try anything, my ship has the best scanners there are, if I see even one of your men try to do anything suspicious, I will let you die." At first the obese man laughs even more loudly but then is silenced, as his face turns white and his eyes blurry. "Thirteen minutes" the bounty hunter says.

06-26-2002, 07:55 PM
OOC: So what did you do to my character? He knocked out or something? I sorta need to know before I can do anything else.

06-26-2002, 09:28 PM
OOC: Da Cliff, impartially I'll rule that you were dazed, but not knocked out by the rifle blow... the trooper was more worried about the Bounty Hunter in front of him rather than hitting you properly...


As the young human man was hit my the trooper, and more and more stormtroopers piled in to the all-nighter, D'rick panics and throws the grenade into the midst of the six new arrivals, he misses and the grenade lands behind the rearmost trooper. As the grenade explodes D'rick runs at the trooper attacking the human female and blindly barges into him. Off-balance the trooper hits the ground but quickly begins to bring his blaster to bear...

"Help me get out of here and I can pay you!" D'rick shouts in desparation to the female...

OOC The grenade killed the two rearmost troopers, and knocked down and stunned the first 4 at the table. They conveniently shielded everyone else in the bar from the blast, but the remaining troopers in the room are all drawing blasters...

Have fun :)

06-26-2002, 09:57 PM
IC: The young man jumps to his feet. Two blasts at a stormtrooper nearby the bounty hunter are placed with great marksmanship towards the chest. He flips the nearest table and crouches behind the wreckage. He looks across to the bounty hunter reaching out his arm, "You wanna live? Lets get the hell outta here" he shout across to the bounty hunter.

06-26-2002, 10:34 PM
OOC: hmmm quite the mess u guys made :D

IC: The bounty hunter draws his two blasters and aims one at the trooper near D'rick, he shoots and hits him two times in the arm, one time in the leg... with the other he knocks the obese man on the head and drags him behind the table. "My ship is on the way, but we'll have to hold these guys off for two minutes" having said that he looks over the table and aims his laser (on the mandalorian armor) over the heads off the four who were stunned by the attack and cuts down the lighting hanging over them, which falls down and hits two of them on the head, one one the leg. He then crouches back behind the table. "Why didn't you just leave us? Now I'll have the Imps all over me.*sighs* Ah well, I guess I have always been more of a rebel man anyways. Look out!" behind the young man a stormtrooper pointed his gun at him ready to pull the trigger but the bounty just in time shoots him in the gut. He looks towards the obese man "Eleven minutes".

06-27-2002, 12:51 AM
The young female is almost knocked off her feat as the unknown person smashes into her, and through the loud blast she merely hear him shouting something. On the other hand, the desperate look in his eyes speaks more than words. She quickly drag him with her left hand so that he is shielded behind her back. Seconds later, her chair flies towards the group of stormtroopers as she starts dragging the man towards the exit.

"Get out of here! Now! Or I'll..." Her shout ends abructly as stormtrooper fire hits inches above her head. Despite her quick dodge, the second shot hits her squarely in her right arm.

06-27-2002, 05:39 AM
Ashard sees the grenade fly through the air and grabs the bartender's shoulder.

Get down. Now.

Ashard shoves the bartender down and as the grenade explodes he leaps over the counter and draws his blasters in mid air. Of the seix new troopers, two were now dead. Four more were on the ground. He shoots the two who had been hit in the head by the lighting and kicks the third who hurt his leg in the head. The fourth had gotten on his knees, and in a fancy spin Ashard nails him in the forehead with the handle of his left blaster. In a dive, Ashard rolls over a table and lands behind D'rick. With his studded gloves he punches the Twi'lek in the back of the head, rendering him unconcious. The woman tries to elbow Ashard with her non-injured arm, but Ashard catches it twists it behind her back. Shoving her against the wall, he yells in her ear over the ruckus

I can't abide by anyone messing up this bar. He caused alot of damage with that grenade and I'll be damned if he's getting out of here without paying for it.

Looking over his shoulder he sees a trooper with a blaster pointed at them. He shoves her to the ground and lands on top of her.

Stay down and you'll be alright. You're already injured, don't get hurt any more. I've got a few more patrons to deal with.

In a crouched position he looks across the bar and sees the bounty hunter in Mandalorian armor in the far corner. Ashard narrows his eyes and makes a mad break towards the corner. In a flying dive with a blaster drawn in his left hand, he thouht to himself: God I love my job.

((OOC: Setsuko, you don't have to follow my advice. Dudehead, do whatever just don't **** up Ashard. Whatever you do, keep in mind he is the bouncer here and he has been for some time. He's a mean mofo. Royalguard, you can do whatever....make it so you actually aren't unconscious, come back to consciousness, or lie like a lump on the floor. It's all cool =) ))

06-27-2002, 06:49 AM
[OOC] No 'ordinary' players in here? ;P


With the bouncer gone, she starts crawling towards the wall. with the kind of punishment she'd taken this far, she was not thrilled at taking her chances against either group inside the chaotic scene that used to be a cantina.

06-27-2002, 08:12 AM
*a short girl with dark brown skin and darker brown hair walks into the cantina. Her eyes, which seem to change color every time you look at them, at the moment look chestnut. The girl wears a small coat and dark, unusual looking clothes, including a magenta shirt. Everything about her looks to be on a smaller scale than everything else in the bar. She barely comes up to the waist of most of the patrons*

edit: She looks about fourteen to fifteen.

Thew Rydur
06-27-2002, 09:13 AM
IC: A huge gray-furred Wookie strides into the bar. He's wearing very thick black body armor. On his arm is a band that bears the symbol of the Rebellion. In his hand is a giagantic vibro-axe. Strapped to his back is a bowcaster. He walked in a few feet then leaned against the wall, vibro-axe between his crossed arms. He surveys the area and gives the Imperials a hard glance.

06-27-2002, 11:11 AM
OOC: Redwing and Thew Rydur, can you's please stay out of this brawl please. I'm not holding anything against you, its just that we have enough 'brawlers/patrons' in here as is. So if you's want you's can wait outside until we finish this mess...

Talking about a mess! Guess sure is getting action-packed. We need to some how sort this out in a way that everyone (cept for those attacking Imps) can still either remain or stay in the bar. Maybe we could take the fight outside or something??? I dunno.

Oh and I'll officially introduce my character and is name etc. after the mess is cleaned up :)

IC: The young man glances over the table he's using as a shield. He sees the bouncer flying with great accuracy towards the bounty hunter. He scrounges around looking for something. He picks up one of the broken off legs of the table. He quickly lunges forward from his shielded spot and slams one right into the flying bouncer. Just as the bouncer lands into the wall the young man shouts "It wasn't him that started this!! It was the Imp's!!".

Before even registering the bouncers reactions he lunges back to behind his flipped table.

OOC: Sorry Gaalgoth but you can make it so Ashard does not get hurt by the blow because he's so used to it or something. As for attacking the bounty hunter you still can if you decide, just that I didn't see too many ways that the bounty hunter could have gotten outta that one.

My character needed some more action also as so far all he's done is take out one stormtrooper, flipped a table and wacked Ashard.

06-27-2002, 11:55 AM
((OOS: Thread evolution; You don't necessarily need to stay inside the bar...and my character didn't intend to join the brawl ;)

Didn't you read her description? "Everything about her looks to be on a smaller scale than everything else in the bar. She barely comes up to the waist of most of the patrons" What would she be doing brawling? :D ;)))

Thew Rydur
06-27-2002, 12:03 PM
OOC: Yeah sure no problem, my character will come back another time.... I guess he'll just have to go somewhere else to bust some Imperial skulls:D .

06-27-2002, 12:09 PM
Ashard hits the wall with a thud and falls to the ground. Pushing himself up with his arms, he glances over at the young man and nods to him in acceptance.

That was a good hit. We'll settle things later. I've got more important things to do.

Ashard rolls to the right as a flurry of blasts hitt eh wall where he was lying. He draws his other blaster, as the one in his left hand was still drawn. He unloads five shots into the storm trooper that shot at him. Rolling backwards in a somersault, Ashard gets on his feet and runs behind a pillar. Leaning against it, he holsters his blasters.

Looks like that about settles the situation with those storm troopers. I don't see any more....

To his right, Ashard hears movement and lunges towards it. One more stormtrooper was tehre, sneaking up behind him. Using his studded gloves he hits the trooper in the face. The trooper's head jerks violently to the side as a sickening crunch slightly echoes inside of his armor. Using the pillar as cover and clapping the dust off of his hands, Ashard calls over to the bounty hunter.

So as I was saying, no one causes a disturbance in here without paying except me. That guy might be right and the imps started things, but you still caused some damage. Now, we have three ways to settle this. One, you can reimburse the good man behind the bar. Two, your fat friend can reimburse the good man behind the bar. Or three, we can settle this like men and you can pay the same way the imp's did.....with your life. Up to you.

((OOC: it's ok, I was expecting something to stop me))

06-27-2002, 12:18 PM
*the girl walks up to the Zabrak and touches his finger* Excuse me, sir?

06-27-2002, 12:23 PM
Ashard looks down at the small girl; he is obviously irritated

Look, I'm kinda busy kid. Can't you see the grownups are talking business?What do you want?

06-27-2002, 12:41 PM
*The girl remains touching his finger, face unreadable. After a few seconds she speaks* Earlier today, a man left an object with the manager of this bar. I need to pick it up.

06-27-2002, 11:41 PM
As everyone starts to get back to his feet, one of the Stormtroopers is unobserved and suddenly moves "Bounty hunter, you're not going anywhere, I just put on the grand alarm" the stormtrooper points to a small transmitter on his belt "that's fifty of us all on you in two minutes, so give yourself up now or die." The bounty hunter ignores the Stormtrooper and pulls the obese man upright and drags him to the door. When there he looks at the man who's just getting up from behind the table "You got two choices, come with me on my ship or get arrested or worse by the bunch of imps coming." At that moment in the street a modified firespray lands and he looks to the obese man, who is barely conscious anymore "Five minutes". He steps outside and the door to the firespray opens and a droid comes outside and takes over the obese man "Wait with the antidote untill we're clear" the droid beeps as to confirm. He looks to the other man again "So are you coming or staying here? Choice is up to you..."

06-28-2002, 03:56 AM
Sure kid, hold on a second....

Ashard punches the stormtrooper in the stomach, then with both hands balled into a fist hits him on the back of the head. He walks with his normal swagger towards the door and yells to the bounty hunter.

Listen, I don't know who the hell you think you are, but nobody ignores me on my own turf. Pay up now.

Ashard draws his blasters and points them, one at the bounty hunter and the other at the obese man. The droid stops walking and raises it's hands

Don't make me ask you again. Act tough all you want, it's still not going to make you a Fett. No one is leaving until you pay up.

06-28-2002, 04:56 AM
IC:"Off course, where are my manners" the bounty hunter says in a low voice and walks over to the obese man, he searches his body and takes something out of his pocket and walks back to the bouncer "Here, this should cover the expenses" and he hands over the obese man's wallet... the bouncer begins to file through it but suddenly begins to feel a bit tired... In a matter of seconds he's so tired he can barely stand up straight "Sorry but I really need to go but your boss can be assured I'll make the imp over there pay his expenses, and mine, as I'm sure he must also have some bounty on his head" as the bounty hunter says the lasts words, although he had struggled through it all, the bouncer lays sleeping on the ground and he signals his droid to continue carrying the obese man into the ship. He sees the other man behind the table looking a bit wondered and yells "Also got a bit of contact poison when i bought the other one, perfectly harmless, but at least he'll be off our backs for at least two hours, listen kid we really need to go, so this is your final chance." He turns his back and walks into the ship, as he passes the droid he looks at the obese man, who is passed out and is starting to drool a yellow substance "Three minutes, damnit" the bounty hunter mumbles in a low voice.

OOC: sorry to knock down your character and the sleep can last less than the time I said in the story although i would prefer it not to be less than half an hour... I'm sorry i didn't give u the chance to react when i gave you the wallet, but even if i intended to say later on i had put contact poison on top of it, you would have done probably already lots of other stuff...

06-28-2002, 05:30 AM
((OOS: Two hours? Ashard is a Zabrak))

*the girl is startled at the turn of events. She doesn't like the looks of most of the patrons...*

06-28-2002, 05:45 AM
((OOS: so the poison would fell a human for hours or whatever :))) plus i said he could change the duration as long as it lasts enough for me to make my escape :)

06-28-2002, 06:07 AM
Ashard falls to his kness, then flat onto the ground. He is not quite unconscious, but everything is slowed and he feels incredibly relaxed. He tries to stand up, but he's too tired. He sees the bounty hunter leaving, and hears him speak but due to the poison's affect he merely hears a low drone. He reaches towards the bar and slowly drags himself towards it. The bartender runs out and helps Ashard to his feet

Are you all right? What the hell is hapening to you?

mmmpf................pa.....................blssss ............poison................

Must have been really strong to mess you up this bad. Don't worry about the money, we'll let this one slide...

Ashard supports himself by leaning aginst teh bar with one hand. He shakes his head jerkily and pushes the bartender backwards. The bartender stumbles and falls, and Ashard draws his blaster with his right hand and points it at the bartender. His hand is shaking.

No........not thsssss.....one................armor...........

But Ashard, you're in no condition to.

Ashard fires a blast so close to the bartender's head that he feels his hair singe


The bartender slowly gets up and goes in the back, muttering to himself all the while. Ashard puts his gun on the bar and grabs a glass of Corellian ale. He drains it in oen swallow and looks over at the small woman staring at him.

What the hell are you looking at?

The woman blushes and looks at the ground. The bartender returns from the back and drops the vest, bracers, leg pieces and boots on the bar. He then drops the large rifle on top of it all with a heavy thunk. Ashard begins to put on his armor

That hunter is in for a world of pain.

But Varan, your bounty hunting days passed long ago......besides, he's in mandalorian armor....

Varan looks up at the bartender and glares at him

I thought I told you to never call me by my first name. Particularly in public. And I know my bounty hunting days have past me, but I'm going after this guy as a personal vendetta. No one bests Varan Ashard that easily.

Varan Ashard begins to make his way out of the All-Nighter, rifle slung over his shoulder. He stops in the doorway and looks over his shoulder at the small woman.

The kid's look for something. She says somone left it with you earlier.

Ashard gives the woman a half-smile and walks out of the bar. Looking to his right, he sees the bounty hunter just as he enters the firespray. Ashard pulls the rifle off his shoulder and aims it at the firespray's cockpit.

Cocky little ****......does he really think he's a Fett?

Ashard mutters to himself as he opens fire on the cockpit.

((OOC: I've used the name Varan before, but this is the character that I'm going to ahve in Galaxies. He might not be a bouncer duing the game, but I figure this will be what he does in his future. After all, I plan to get him to be a bounty hunter eventually.))

06-28-2002, 07:27 AM
((OOS: 15 year old woman? :D

And DudEhead, it's all good, I just didn't see the rest of your post ^_^))

*the girl's eyes follow Ashard out of the bar. He has piqued her interest. But she still had something to do first...*

*to the bartender, at his questioning look* The man was tall, and wore a blue uniform. He should have left here a holorecorder and a comlink, sealed together with something like this: *shows him a picture of an odd-looking seal*

06-28-2002, 08:32 AM
OOC: Sorry for the wait Dud but I went to sleep. Goddamn different time zones.

IC: The young man holsters his blasters and runs for the door. On his way out he barges the bouncer who takes a shot at the bounty hunter. Due to the barging, the shot misses by a long shot. The bouncer drops his rifle, just enough for the young man to get abord the firespray. "I'm here, lets go"

Thew Rydur
06-28-2002, 09:52 AM
OOC: I dunno if you want anyone in hear yet, so if you don't then just ignore this.

IC: A man walks past Ashard giving him a strange look into the bar. He has short brown hair. He's wear gray chest armor under his long heavy black coat. As he moves blasters are exposed from behind his coat, one under each arm. He looks around at all the patrons. Then seeming disapointed he heads up to the bar and orders an ale. Then in a hushed tone he says to the bartender:

"I'm looking for a bounty hunter.....one wearing Mandalorian armour... have you seen one around?"

06-28-2002, 10:24 AM
Ashard quickly grabs his rifle up and fires up at the firespray, but to no avail. The blasts do no damage. Cursing the bounty hunter and the man that hit him, he walks back into the bar.

Hey, Var.....Ashard. This guys looking for a man in mandalorian armor.

Aren't we all. What do you want with him?

That doesn't need to be known yet. Have you seen him?

Look around you. See this damage? Well it's not all because of him, but he and his little friends made most of it. He's in debt by about 50,000 credits.

The man frowns and then reaches into on of his pockets. Pulling out a wad of credits, he lays them on the bar.

Well, I don't think it's 50,000 credits, but maybe it can help...

The bartender reaches to take the money, but Ashard slams his fist down on his hand.

I can't let you do that. This money is on his head, and on top of that he's disgraced me now. I've done my fair share of bounty hunting, and I'm not going to let him get away. I don't know if you are friend or foe to him, but either way you aren't paying off his debt.

But, Ashard....



Ashard glares at the bartender and he walks away sheepishly. Ashard collects the money and holds it out to the mysterious man. The man takes it back.

Now, I'm looking fro this wannabe Fett. If you want to talk business, maybe that money can go to use. But as it is, you can keep it. If you're looking for him, I can help you find him. We can get a temporary bouncer in here if need be. I've got plenty of experience, and as long as I get my money and my vengeance I don't really care what happens to him. So step this way and we'll talk.

Ashard pushes open a side door and gestures for the man to enter. As Ashard closes the door behind him, his eyes meet with the small girl. God, she's creeping me out he thought to himself.

((OOC: Sorry if I RPed too much....I figured this way you can take any stance with the bounty hunter that you want.))

06-28-2002, 10:43 AM
OOC: To everyone out there, the bar is now back open. Feel free to go in and help clean up or whatever. But the brawl is over, all are welcomed.

Thew Rydur
06-28-2002, 11:19 AM
"My name is Thew Rydur....I'm a bounty hunter like yourself. I got hired to track down some guy in Mandalorian armour. This is the same guy who messed up the bar. My client was vauge about why the guy had a price on his head. I guess he skipped out on a job or something. Anyway I've been tracking this guy for awhile now..... He's pretty good. The bounty is 200,000 credits. I guess someone really doesn't like him. If you want in I'll split the bounty 50/50 with you. That should be more than enough for to cover the damages. I think I know where he may be heading. I have a small freighter modified into almost a gunship to track him in. So are you in or out?

06-28-2002, 12:09 PM
*The girl takes the package from the man while the above conversation takes place. She slips into another room for a minute, then comes back out with no explanation, now with the package tucked in her pocket. She leans against the wall of the cantina, watching*

Thew Rydur
06-28-2002, 01:38 PM
OOC: Oh yea Gaalgoth i don't mind if you have my guy talk, it helps speed things along so we can do this
:charric: :fett: :D

06-28-2002, 05:57 PM
OOC: hmmm u must be really quick at putting on armor if u can still shoot me :) and I wasn't meant to be a wannabe, just someone who uses the same armor and stuff, guess i forgot to give my name huh :)

IC: As he walked inside his ship, the Bounty hunter heard a shot fired at his ship, he quickly went inside his cockpit and aimed his laser canon where the shot came from. To his amazement the guy he just drugged, with something that could stop a rancor if needed, was already up and about again and by the looks of it, he was kind of pissed. He also saw the other man running inside so he closed the door of the ship and took off, the other Stormtroopers just arrived and started shooting at the ship, clearly with no effect.

When he was up he checked if all nearby frequencies were jammed and started to lay out a course to a moon of the planet. After he was clear, he went to the droid who was bent over the obese man and nodded, inside his helmet he could see the timer reaching 15 seconds as the droid administered the antidote. "Don't go dieing on me here" he mumbled. He went back to the compartment where the other man sat and looked at him "Nice mess we're into, got Stormtroopers behind us and i believe a bountyhunter too... and to make it worse, it's a former colleague of mine, shows you can't trust anyone when it comes to business." He went back to the obese man and looked at the droid who bleeped and sent a message to his helmet "Vital signs are ok sir, do u wish me to bring him to his cell?" The bounty hunter nodded and the droid carried the obese man away. The bounty hunter went back to the other man "The name's Donga, and it seems we've just become partners momentarily so i suggest you give me your name as well"

06-28-2002, 11:22 PM
OOC: Ok, I'm going to do a few things tomoro morning... In about 10 hours. Firstly I'll introduce a new character into the scene, the BOSS. He's the guy that owns the bar. He'll also bring forth another installment into the bar. This new installment will also act as a "gateway" to yet another installation into the story. And after all this, I will go back to my normal character and go through him a bit more. Just letting you's know whats going to happen, so don't anyone go around acting like you own the joint or anything.

Oh and yes, Gaalgoth and Thew Rydur, could I possible talk to you's via msn/aim/yahoo/icq/private message.. or somehow, just so I can discuss something with you's regarding your current objectives.

Thew Rydur
06-29-2002, 01:04 AM
OOC: Yeah sure DaCliff:


I'm mostly on AIM though. I live in the US Eastern Time zone so right now its about 1 PM. I was also thinking that we might start a new thread with Gaalgoth and I hunting DuhEhead.

06-29-2002, 04:54 AM
Originally posted by Thew Rydur
OOC: Yeah sure DaCliff:


I'm mostly on AIM though. I live in the US Eastern Time zone so right now its about 1 PM. I was also thinking that we might start a new thread with Gaalgoth and I hunting DuhEhead.

and me trying to make it up again :) (altho the zabrak might be less easily bought off than the bartender :))

06-29-2002, 05:41 AM
((OOS: If you do, you should make the name of the topic clear that it is a spinoff thread or things can become very confusing :D

If anyone wants to contact me:

AIM: RedwingGreen7
MSN: redwinggreen7@hotmail.com ))

06-29-2002, 11:14 AM
((OOC: My AIM is TheOnlyTrueMatt and Gaalgoth and yes, I was fast at putting on my armor. after all, I used to be abounty hunter too =) ))

Ashard considers the offer. 100,000 wasn't the biggest amount of money he had ever recieved for a job, but he could always lead or frame the man in the armor so as to raise that bounty. Also, the man had really only done about 30,000 credits worth of damage. He just wanted to skim some money off the top. As it was, after repairs to the All-nighter 70,000 would be going to him, so this could be a profitable endeavor.

I'll have to consult with my employer.

Very well.

He should be coming back soon, so just relax in here. Have whatever you want, it's on the house.

Ashard gets up and walks back to the bar.

What was that all about?

It doesn't matter. When is the boss getting back?

The boss? I dunno. Come on Ashard, tell me. Please?


Please? Come on man, I'll find out sooner or later

Ashard reaches across the bar and grabs the bartender's shoulder. He squeezes and the bartender winces in pain.

Now listen Phale, I've warned you before about asking too many questions....

Ashard feels a piercing in the back of his mind. He turns his head slowly and looks behind him and sees the small girl staring intently at him.

Get in the back.

Ashard pushes the bartender into the back of the bar slams him against the wall

Now, I got you this job because you were in dire straits and we go back a ways. But when things of a personal nature are concerned, stay the hell out of my business. This doesn't concern you, not yet anyways. When it does, if it does, I'll let you know.

Ashard storms out of the back and leaves the bartender sitting on the floor against the wall. Walking out, he almost bumps into the girl. She is standing just the door to the back, and has obviously been eavesdropping.

What the hell do you want!?

The girl continues to stare at him, and when he sees he just brushes past her and walks outside to wait for the boss. While he waited, he sized up the offer. The more he thought about it, the better it sounded. After all, If he wanted to he could always backstab Thew. He would have to wait and see. In the meantime, he had to come up with an explanation for the boss. He'd have to get in contact with Niris too. After all, Niris was his replacement and the All-Nighter couldn't be left without a bouncer.

((OOC: Ok, a new thread sounds like a good idea. Would be fun. Niris is going to be the back-up bouncer until I return.....Niris also might be my secondary character in galaxies. I'll take control of him so that I continue to have a role in this thread. Sorry if anyone thought they'd get the chance to be the bouncer =) ))

06-29-2002, 04:15 PM
*the girl watches Ashard from a distance*

He still doesn't know what he's gotten himself into. Well, so long as he doesn't stay here...

*A tall humanoid being bursts in the bar. He stands about seven feet tall, and wears a suit of light body armor (except for his mostly bare arms). He has wavy, short black hair and green eyes. He looks almost human, except for the yellow-green color of his skin and the eerie 'vampire' look of his face. He is obviously armed to the teeth, and carries a large blaster in his gloved hand. His weapons all look unusual, but not unrecognizable for what they are. The man looks ultra-confident all around. He doesn't notice the girl, whose eyes widen at his entrance. She disappears into the nearest side room.

The man yells to the bar:

I am looking for a Zabrak named Varan Ashard!

((OOS: Sorry, but I just had to give you more problems :D))

06-29-2002, 06:35 PM
OOC: do u mean for the Zabrak to be blind or is it by mistake? cause the fight wasn't started by me, i didn't throw one table over and didn't throw the grenad, at most u can charge me for the lighting i shot down :)

Guess i'll start a new thread then :)

06-29-2002, 11:03 PM
OOC: Ok I'm back, sorry about the delay but here it is. It will probably be a long post so bare with it.

IC: The Bartender slow creeps back to his bar, hoping that no one would notice he had laid in the back room for a few minutes weeping. He looks up and sees something... someone... standing in the door way.

A large ugly looking Hutt slides into the bar, barging pass the little girl as though she was not there. "Ah.. Uh.. Boss..." The flumzy bartender quivers.

"Phale, where's Ashard?", the Hutt murmors as Niris enters the club. "Ah nevermind, Niris will do. Into the meeting room, gang"

All of the Hutts followers go forward into the meeting room, including Niris. The Boss stays behind for a few moments and speaks to the Bartender. "What's with all the mess? I'll deal with you later", he heads into the meeting room.

[Inside meeting room]

Everyone finds a seat at the long table and the Boss stands at one end. At first they all murmor but are soon silenced by the rise of the Hutts arm.

"For starters, I'm opening the fighters club tomoro. We need a name and we need it fast. I want another bouncer working too, one for the bar and one for the club. So Niris you'll be working and I'll appoint someone else too to work on the club's entrance door. I'll have a few extras working down stairs in the club to keep this under control. Gredo's working on the signs as we speak and the rules will be published once the clubs opened. Now I need more workers aswell, so to do this, they'll have to prove themselves at the fighting club but I'm gonna be really picky about who I choose. Also, due to our recent hits by both the Empire and the Alliance (Nothing to do with the recent "brawl" that has happened), no one in this room is to talk about what is said outside of here. And also, the fighting club is going to be very hush hush as to not draw any attention, although it is perfectly legal, authorities may find out about my "hidden" operations going on in the back ground" the Boss pronounces. "Meeting disbanded for now, if you have any questions, ask them at my next meeting which will be tomoro once the club is opened"

Everyone but the Boss' highest workers leave the room. The Boss also stays behind, there they discuss business some more.

"So what was said?" the Bartender asks Niris as he passes the bar.

"I dunno, he didn't say much at all, just that... hang on... I can't say... Just that he wasn't really descriptive" Niris replies.

OOC: Ok I know I wasn't really detailled about the new arrangements but its late and I'm really really tired. I'll explain it more later.

But I will say now, when someone enters the fighting club downstairs, they must post in the All Nighter thread that they have gone there, then they must post in another thread which will be specifically for the fighting club that they have entered. No one can just skip from one to the other. What goes on in the fighting club will be kept rather quiet from the dance club/bar.

Also another thread will be started. I am trying to get this on another board altogether or something because this other one will be only for the Boss' business. Only those that are invited are able to enter and they will follow through the story more there.

Finally, what ever you's decide to do with the bounty hunter guys, don't do anything drastic to the young man as he is going to be one of the Boss' future high workers. He has a past with the Boss and he will soon be one of the Boss' highest men.

Thats all for tonight... or this morning... or whatever time it is...

06-30-2002, 12:05 AM
((OOC: Dudehead, I know you didn't cause any real damage, but my guy was basically playing you. He was trying to milk you into paying for all the damage beacause you looked to be the most fun. Also I figued the you'd be one of the more frequent posters. He really got pissed when you drugged him. That's why he's got a vendetta against you. He doesn't like being shown up.))

Ashard was crouched behind the bar when the boss came in, he wasn't ready with an excuse yet. When he heard people coming out, he looked over the top and saw Niris. He made a light hissing sound and Niris looked over at him. Niris came over and sat at the bar and ordered a drink. He talked to Ashard without looking at him so as to keep him hidden.

So what the hell is this all about?

Oh it's nothing too bad. I just got an offer for a bounty. I'm hiding from the boss till I come up with an appropriate excuse.

Niris, laughing
You and your bounties.

What? At least I didn't go into the military like you did.

God, not this fight again.

Oh shut....

Just then the huge seven foot man comes in and yells for Varan Ashard. Ashard rubs the bridge of his nose with one hand as if he suddenly ahd an extremeely bad headache. He knew this guy. He used to be a bounty hunter too, his name was Serak. Shard had, of course, cheated Serak. Ashard thought he was dead, but apparently he wasn't.

Niris, you're his brother. Where the hell is he?

Before Niris can react, Serak lifts him up off the ground and shakes violently. Varan casually stands up from the bar and looks at him.

Serak, what a pleasant surprise! What can I get you to drink?

With a yell Serak grabs Varan and throws him through the door outside. Varan crashes onto the street. By the time he is on his feet Serak is already charging him. Varan quickly steps out of the way and trips Serak so that he goes flying past him. Serak rolls onto his feet and charges again, but this time while Varan moves out of the way he hits him in his stomach with his studded right fist. Serak grunts as the wind is knocked out of him, and then falls to the ground as Varan's left studded fist slams into the side of his head. Serak goes down with a thud. He doesn't show signs of getting up soon, although he isn't dead. Varan spits on Serak's body, and then walks back in to call his connection in the mob to get rid of the body. When he gets in, however, he the boss is standing as well as a Hutt can next to Niris.

So, Ashard. Phale tells me you're planning on going somewhere.

Varan glares at the bartender who grins sheepishly and mouths out the words 'I didn't say anything'

Funny you should mention that boss. See, this guy in mandalorian armor came by and messed up the place. Got the imps involved too. So that guy over there is hunting him down, and he offered me to come help him. I'll be getting half of the bounty....

And how much will that be?

50,000 credits

Fine, you can go. but when you get back I want 60,000 credits.

Varan's face changes into one of surprise

Well I guess I don't have to go

You have a better way of collecting 60,000 credits?

Before he can answer the boss leaves.

Cover for me while I'm gone Niris

What are brothers for?

Varan walks over to Thew's booth. For the first time in a long time, he seems to have a heay weight on his shoulders.

((OOC: ok, so Niris is a Zabrak like Varan. His last name is Ashard as well, but he goes by his first name. I may have Varan Ashard go by Varan as the story goes on. Oh, and Serak isn't dead. I was planning on him escaping from the mob and later joining up with Donga if that's ok with you Redwing. Figured then the bounty could be larger and it would be even more personal against Varan. Also, I could go into greater detail about Varan's betrayal of Serak. I'd like to control Serak, but since you made him you get first rights to him.))

Thew Rydur
06-30-2002, 12:58 AM
OOC: Sorry I wasn't on last night. Anyway.

IC: *Looks at Serak and all of the Hutts*

Thew : Hey Ashard what the hell is going on?

06-30-2002, 01:48 AM
It's nothing.....Just my boss and some old friends. anyways, I'm in on the hunt. Where do we begin?

06-30-2002, 06:06 AM
OOC Sorry for the delay - moved back home from Uni and only just got the computer set up right...

"Ooohh, what hit me..." D'rick grogily got to his hands and knees and dazedly looked about the bar... "Dead stormtroopers, a trashed bar and me in the middle... time to leave I think..."

D'rick quietly begins to move to the back of the bar, until he hears Ashard talking about leaving...

"Excuse me, but I couldn't help but over hear that you were headed off-world, any chance that I could tag along?"


Gaalgoth, D'rick wants to get off-world to avoid a hutt crimelord who he sold some 'defective' Gundarks to earlier. If questioned he will say that he has a grudge against the bounty hunter and will help you track him down if you let him come along for the ride. D'rick will offer his services as an animal trainer/handler in return for passage. If questioned about the grenade D'rick will say that he didn't want the Imps to get the Bounty Hunter, as they would have been too kind to him.

Remember that D'rick is very cunning, manipulative and deceptive, and that Ashard is off-balance (mentally at least)...

06-30-2002, 07:53 AM
((OOS: Gaalgoth, you really screwed up my character there (he wasn't originally supposed to have back history with Ashard), but actually I think this works. I didn't have a name for him yet, so "Serak" works; he has an interesting alternate motive that I don't want to reveal here, but...hey IM (or PM) me and we can discuss :D

@DaCliff: Actually, the girl was supposed to be in a side room, so the Hutt couldn't have barged by her, but minor detail ;)))

*Serak wakes up. He can hear Varan talking, and his first instinct is to jump on the scumbag's face and throttle him for all he is worth. But there were too many people there, and this body was unfortunately too weak to get all of them. He'd already made the mistake of trying to take on the cheating Zabrak on his own. He cursed the useless armor suit he'd decided to wear. He'd have to take it off to...

At least one good thing had come of this. He'd acquired Varan's brother, Niris. He overheard Varan speaking again*

Ashard: It's nothing...Just my boss and some old friends. Anyways, I'm in on the hunt. Where do we begin?

*Interesting. So he thought he was going on another hunt? Most interesting.*

*12 feet from him, the girl is no longer to be seen in the side room.*

06-30-2002, 11:12 AM
IC: A gruff looking Toydarian flaps his way into the club. He heads straight for the meeting room. Niris steps in his way, "Where do you think your going?" "Get outta my way fool, its me, Gredo. I've got the signs ready for the Boss" "Oh sorry Gredo, didn't recognise ya there".

The Toydarian enters the meeting room. "Ah boss, got ya gear. Just waiting on the entrance sign" "The All Nighter's Fight Club is what its going to be called for now" "I'll start on it right away Boss".

The Toydarian quickly leaves the room and then the club. "NIRIS!!!" the Boss shouts. Niris runs in, "Yes Boss?", "Have you got in contact with one of your old military buddies yet? I told you I wanted one to bounce for the club door" "Yes Boss, I'll have someone here tonight if possible" "Good".

[In the firespray ship]

The young man replies to the bounty hunter. "My names Cliff Zem Brony. I'm a smuggler from Corellia".

OOC: I'll open the fight club tomoro because I'll be home all day and I wont have to worry about work. Gaalgoth, if you want you can introduce a new character, one of Niris' old military friends. If you can't I'll try to think of someone and do it myself. The guy won't really have to be controlled. He's only there to stand at the entrance to the fighting club.

06-30-2002, 12:41 PM
((OOC: Royalguard, I never said Varanw as off-balance. I only said that he betrays others. Being a self-serving sociopath doesn't make you as off-balance as it does deceptive, cunning, and well.... like D'rick. We could have some fun with this. Redwing, sorry about that....didn't know you ahd an idea for that. You can make the past between us as minor or whatever as you want. Sorry....but I'm sure we can work something out. As for the new guy I'll introduce him here.))

The sun was setting on the horizon, and Niris was still waiting for Raelor. He was getting worried that he wouldn't amke it after all. Raelor was never really respectful of authority, and Niris wasn't altogether sure as to how he and the boss would get along. Just about then Niris saw a dust cloud speeding his way. A landspeeder pulled up in from of the allnighter with a human inside. He was a jaunty character, with eyes full of life. He had the marks of a man who'd been in his share of fights. He was the rugged sort, with long black hair that hung raggedly about his shoulders. He had a larger build then Varan and Niris. Before the speeder had come to a complete stop, Raelor hopped out and walked up to Niris. Niris stuck out his hand to shake his friend's hand.

You're late. I was starting to get afraid that you wouldn't show after all.

Raelor laughs and shakes Niris's hand.

Now that's not the warm welcome I'm used to.

Hm. Well come on inside, I'll introduce you to the boss.

The two men enter the bar and see Ashard and Thew walking towards the exit.

Varan! What's going on man? Long time no see.

Ashard winces at the sound of Raelor's voice. The two of them never got along.

Oh yeah, Raelor, I could hardly make out your face through that mop on your head.

Well I guess everyone can't be as charming in appearance as you.

Ashard laughs mirthlessly. Raelor extends his hand to shake Ashard's and Ashard takes it in his. The two begin squeezing, obviously trying to show supremacy over the other. Once both of them began grimacing from the pain and a fight seemed ready to break out, Niris interrupted.

Come on Raelor, the boss is waiting

Yeah, Raelor, the boss is waiting.

Well we can't have that, can we.

The two release their hold on the other and aelor walks towards the side room the boss is in alongside Niris and Ashard exits the bar with Thew. Upon entering the room, the boss explains the rules to aelor

I don't want any trouble from you. You screw up, and we screw you up. Don't let anyone in that's not supposed to be in, and don't stop people from entering that are supposed to be in. If you have any questions, talk to Niris. Now get the hell out and get to work.

The two exit the room.

Fun stuff.

He's serious Raelor. Don't screw up.

I know I know. I'll be getting to my post now.

The two go to their separate posts and prepare for another long night.

06-30-2002, 01:50 PM
*As soon as Ashard leaves, Serak looks up.*

Serak: I hope you said your goodbyes to your brother, Niris...because you aren't going to be seeing him again.

*Serak grabs his armor chestplate and unlatches it, sliding it off. His body begins to change shape. His arms lengthen and his body hunches over. A hard exoskeleton covers Serak's body, ripping off his coat. His smaller items of clothing seem to be absorbed into himself. His face distortes and grows fangs. His legs split into three on each side, and his limbs grow claws, destroying his boots. His skin turns deep red. The result looks like a humanoid cross between a praying mantis and a giant crab, with a little rancor mixed in.

Niris looks shocked. He couldn't recall Serak being able to do this before. He hears the bounty hunter's voice again...inside his head.

<How do you like my new ability? It's called morphing. Beautiful, isn't it? It's called a Verhwin, and it's, well, deadly.>

Serak lashes out at the Zabrak with a long, heavy, armored forleg. Niris is knocked out instantly.

<Now it's time for your brother. See ya, sucker!>

Serak scuttles/dashes out, only pausing to look regretfully at the guns he had to leave behind. He doesn't notice a small brown bug that has attached itself to one of his hind legs.

((OOS: Sorry about Niris, but you know Zabraks have a great recovery time :D

In case you haven't noticed yet, my two characters Marin (Marin is the girl) and Serak are both shapeshifters. It's more complicated than that, though: to get a form to morph into, they must first touch and "acquire" an example of that form while in their original form. When they shapeshift, their minds control the form they have shifted into and they can communicate through telepathy. They cannot stay in an acquired form for more than two hours or they cannot shift back to their original form (which they also must pass through between morphs). This isn't a natural ability; it is based on an exotic technology....they weren't born that way, and I assume when Serak knew Ashard he didn't have this ability yet. This is new))

Bobo Fart
06-30-2002, 06:16 PM
What is going on???!?!?!???

I wanna join the RPG but i dont no WTF is going on!!! anyway! can someone do a Short Post on wats going on and the characters involved!

06-30-2002, 06:32 PM
OOC Gaalgoth, I didn't mean that Varan was insane, just that he had been drugged, was really angry and had his Hutt boss breathing down his neck... perhaps I should have said distracted?

Bobo Fart, just read the whole thread, it will take time but you will get a clearer picture than from a summary...

Thew Rydur
06-30-2002, 08:44 PM
IC: *As Thew and Ashard Walk out door.*

Thew: Alright my ships in docking bay 26, I'll go prep for take off.

Ashard: Ok, I'll meet you there in an hour or so.

06-30-2002, 10:01 PM
OOC: Bobo Fart, Niris didn't know where his brother and Thew were heading, no one did, but what the hell, its done now. Also could you make another character thats not jedi if you want to hang around the All Nighter. Incase you didn't pick it up. This is not a nice place, its not exactly a place for a person like... Princess Leia or Padme. If you get what I'm saying. Also if your going to post, don't make it a worthless post that doesn't belong. Private message someone if you want to know some stuff like you did earlier. I would advise you dont make a post like your first on this thread again.

Also I'm opening the fighters club now.

IC: After the new bouncer Raelor turned up all the Boss was waiting on till he could start up his new club was the sign for the entrance.

Gredo quickly came back to the All Nighter, he was followed by three working droids. The Boss comes out and sees the signage that has just arrived, he looks very happy.

"Where you want it Boss?" "Where you think? Above the entrance door" "Yes Boss". Gredo points to above the door and the working droids get started on fixing the luminating light-up sign straight away.

Once the sign is done Gredo and his droids leave. The Boss heads for the door to The All Nighter's Fighting Club. (

Raelor steps aside, "Going for a quick tour before it opens Boss?" "Something like that. Open it up after I go in, all the workers are ready to start" "Yes Boss".

Bobo Fart
06-30-2002, 10:30 PM
A Big Broad Tall Weequay enter's the Bar and walks up to the bar tender

Big Weequay This place is a mess! hmmm let us ave a Dry Ale, and seen Ashard around? gotta talk with him!

Bartender Ahhhh good ol Fistil, how are you my Friend?

Fistil smiles and sculls a few shots of Dry Ale

Fistil Im doing well!*hicup*

Bartender Well Arshard is out at the moment, but you can speak to his brother Niris over there

The Bartender points to Niris. Fistil makes his way over there

Fistil Hello i am a friend of your Brother, what is going on with this Fight Club? is it up?

Niris Yeah down through that door over there

Fistil Thanks mate!

Fistil heads towards the door into the fight club to have a round in the ring...

07-01-2002, 02:48 AM
((OOS: Is that a hole in time? :D Coz Niris is knocked out until Gaalgoth posts...or at least distracted))

07-01-2002, 08:04 AM
OOC: Bobo Fart I suggest that you thoroughly read the rest of the thread. That way you would know that Ashard is Niris and Varens last names. And also Niris is not the bouncer to the fight club, its Raelor. And yes, Niris is knocked out for the time being.

IC: Raelor looks up and thinks to himself, "Oh damn, I hope that the Boss is cool with that fella going down to the club. If not, its my head"

07-01-2002, 08:05 AM
OOC: Sorry about the double posting but for some reason it posted the same post twice so now I have edited it to another post which I was going to do only edit it in the first one. Ah well, confusing.

IC: Raelor steps aside as some of the Boss' workers drag a Weequay out from the club. "Hmm guess I shouldn't have let him in after all".

The workers sit him at the bar where they spash water of his face until he's conscious.

One of the workers explains to the Weequay, "You have broken the rules of the club. You have fought in an unorganised fight. Your punishment is that you are banned from The All Nighter's Fight Club. Now please leave quietly and quickly".

The Weequay looks up with a worried face and the worker talks some more, "Your banned from the fighting club, I'm also going to throw you out of the Dance Club. See ya", the workers all grab the Weequay and toss him out of the Dance Club entrance, onto the streets.

Shortly after another group of workers drag a Wookie out from the Fight Club. The continue out of the Dance Club, only to return without the Wookie. They head back into The All Nighter's Fight Club.

07-01-2002, 01:56 PM
A tall 6'8'' Bothan enters the club. He has Light Silver hair and quickly strides to the bar.

Shivrad: Large Juri Juice, quickly please.

The Bothan lays a pile of credits on the bar counter.

Service Droid: Right away Sir.

Shivrad: <This place looks like a bad one to be noticed in. I'd better keep a low profile. >

After receiving his drink the Bothan takes a seat near the back.

His Ocular implants take in all his Surroundings.

:ewok: mmmmmm......Yub Nub Stormtrooper! :ewok:

07-02-2002, 07:14 AM
((OOC: A 6'8" bothan? I thought those were supposed to be short.....))

Bobo Fart
07-02-2002, 10:19 AM
Fistil What a Dirty Bitch!

The Big Weequay sits on his ass doing jack ****! "Ahh F**K dis im going to find me a new canteen!"

07-04-2002, 01:31 AM
((Occ: Sorry, I meant 5'8'' Bothan))

07-06-2002, 09:41 AM
IC: A young character walks into the bar, he looks around at first and then sits down at one of the nearest tables. After awhile he starts to get worried.. He walks over to the Bartender.

"I'm looking for someone" "Aren't we all?" "Hes name is Cliff Zem Brony" "Sorry... Can't help you" "I was meant to meet him here about a week ago..." "Hmmmm... Maybe he was here... There was a big brawl about then... Maybe he was apart of that... Who knows, maybe he'll come back... On second thoughts, they busted of the club pretty bad and the bouncers off hunting them down at this instance. So I'd say that theres a GOOD chance of them returning" "Ok thanks. I'll wait back here then"

The guy walks over to a seat and sits down.

Thew Rydur
07-06-2002, 12:25 PM
OOC: I'll be going away for a week so if someone wants to take over my character they can. Just remember he's really good, but he has a good side to him.

Thew Rydur
07-06-2002, 12:28 PM
OOC: Oh sorry, about that, i thought I was in the spin off.

10-29-2002, 10:18 PM
Phalnax: ****s pants.