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06-19-2002, 02:59 AM
My favorite character in Star Wars has always been, and im sure for most of you people too, Darth Maul and I've alwaya wanted to change that geeky Bantha Farmer Kyle Katarn to the sleek and evil Darth Maul but after checking the latest JK2 websites, to my great dismay, 99%of these Darth Maul skins/Model are for Multiplayer and the only one i did find turned out to be invisible during gameplay so i ask, no, BEG of you modders out there to either create a SP skin/Model or tell me of a site that has them!
I tried following that one guys walkthrough on how to convert MP skins to SP but im just not talented enough.

06-19-2002, 03:06 AM
It would be nice if someone made a sp conversion for that nice Darth Maul model that just came out, maybe with the reborn fencer replaced with him?


P.S. How do you edit AI files?

06-19-2002, 03:25 AM
Cross your fingers.
I'm at work and I read your requests...so I downloaded the existing files and converted them so you can change Kyle to Maul with sounds and all. I haven't tested it yet, but it should work. I changed the configuration of the Reborn to Maul version posted at massassi.net.
Just put it in the base folder.


God Bless.

06-19-2002, 05:10 AM
I haven't tested your MOD out yet LordDoolittle but if it works or not i sincerly thankyou man and hope that your future MODS will have as great a concept as this one. Thanks again.

Mr PoopyPants
06-19-2002, 08:09 AM
I have tested it and it works. Good Job dood, I really wanted this too. The only prob is that you didn't get rid of the other colors, so when you play your the Red Darth Maul. Thats is easily fixed though. Also on more thing, are the sounds there cause I'm not hearing them for some reason. Thanks again.

Sand Trooper
06-19-2002, 08:50 AM
Now if we can only get the double bladed ligthsaber to work :)

06-19-2002, 09:34 AM
I fixed it...now Kyle is the real Maul, real Saber, Different sounds, and the saber will be red in the cut scenes.

I take no credit for any of this...just renamed some files.


again...God Bless.

Mandalorian iTi
06-19-2002, 11:12 AM
i have an ultimat maul mp skin converted to a SP, i think it is great if u want it ask me, to see the ultimat maul skin go here:

Mr PoopyPants
06-19-2002, 01:58 PM
Thanks a lot Doolittle you are the man! I am making out with my computer as of this moment.

06-20-2002, 10:27 PM
I appreciate all this attention for a SP mod for the sith lord and thank you all. LordDoolittle, THANKYOU for your time and patience ESPECIALY at work :)

Mandolorian- if you could could you please download your SP maul skin to this address, i want to have at least 2 maul skins just in case.


06-23-2002, 03:25 PM
heyyy help me out!! i dl'ed the thing dolittle and like it's all invisble??? how do i fix this? i have a patch in the base folder... and sumother stuff.. but wht should be int eh base folder to make this wrk??? help me ... darth maul needs to live... cant kick ass if u cant be seen... i just need to know wht to do with the
SP_Kyle_to_Maul.pk3 thing..where do i put it?.. how do i start ... he's all no there and stuff... help me out guys...

06-23-2002, 03:42 PM
o yeh email here... jonttang@hotmail.com
thanks again

06-23-2002, 04:05 PM
if gets sent back send to rwtang@aol.com