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06-19-2002, 10:09 AM
C coder needed anyone iterested in helping out? This is for the Kung-Fu mod and currently i have 2 members working on the animations and stuff like that... but I and the other members have no idea how to edit C.... so if you can help please post ASAP!

06-19-2002, 10:41 PM
I am a C coder and I would be glad to help if you can answer one question: how do you intend to get your new animations into the game? Raven hasn't released any tools for exporting to their GLA animation format, and there is nothing that a programmer can do with the source code at hand to remedy that. I was interested in creating a similar mod, but all I can do now is sit on my hands and wait.

06-20-2002, 04:40 AM
yeah thats why i wanted to start low. i dont want to change major things and turn it into a complete new game. there is so much that can be done with the game as is. animations are hard work anyway and u would have a hard time getting modelers with good character studio experience or simillar stuff.
in the mean time we can try to put the ultimate mod together which every admin can use to make his server mor fun to play. now there are some code exprerienced admins who make some minor mods which contain good options allready. why not throw everything together to make a mod with options for everyone. cvars to manage damage settings are allready reality, and the dubious dualsaber mod and many other things. what about new game types? nothing fancy and great here either. just simple changes to make duels more enjoyable and make it interessting for clans too.
that would be better and achievable for now than to start dreaming of a new moves mod...
but everything people here care for are new saber colors and stuff like that...

06-27-2002, 07:03 AM
well at the moment im putting together animations in 3dstudio max r4 until they do release something that could import/export ther GLA files...

06-27-2002, 08:03 AM
Originally posted by NITEMARE

but everything people here care for are new saber colors and stuff like that...

lol :) exactly :)

and i like my new saber colors :D

06-28-2002, 12:10 AM
imagine new saber colors and moves!!!!!:D

07-12-2002, 03:18 AM