View Full Version : Adding NPC's to the game, I need help!!!

06-19-2002, 03:34 PM
G'day everyone. I am looking for a way to ADD NEW NPC's into JK2, without replacing the originals. So far, through using the npcs.cfg file, I have been able to add various models into the game, but I have been unable to to get them to be armed or animated properly. Most often, they appear as if they should be holding a blaster, but the blaster is pointing out of their groin. I beleive that this could be because models such as Desann, Tavion etc have specific animation files associated with them, so when they are replaced with other models they retain the animations, but new characters revert to what must be a default test animation, hence the blaster coming out of the groin. Or perhaps it is a failsafe put in by raven to prevent people adding their own NPCs. Can anybody help me?
Ryan Kelly.