View Full Version : Changing SP models

06-19-2002, 06:20 PM
When i changed Desann to reborn i changed
these from Desanns settings

playerModel desann - (changed to reborn)
scale 135 - (changed to 96)
height 78 - (line removed)
crouchheight 42 - (line removed)
width 18 - (line removed)

And it works fine...


Then when i TRIED to change reborns to Mauls
i changed these from reborns settings:

playerModel reborn - (changed to maul)
customSkin **** - (line removed)

Result was that reborn were changed to mauls
but their sabers were inside of them...

Then i tried to change them to other custom
models but result was always same (no problems
with model, anim,... but saber always inside
of them)

Then i tried to change to some of those original
JK2 models and it worked fine every time...


Soo is there something wrong or missing from
those custom models or why they doesn't
like to work ??