View Full Version : Gravity

06-20-2002, 10:09 AM
Is there anyway to unlock gravity in single player? Everytime I try to change it w/ the g_gravity command it doesn't work. Its says like readonly or something, but in multiplayer it works, but doesn't work quite like single players zero-g.

I want a zero-g lightsaber fight with reborn, damnit!

I guess I could just play on that part on the doom-giver, after u kill galak, but I wanna check if its possible.

Chewie Bakker
06-20-2002, 09:40 PM
A no-gravity battle against a Reborn would be a difficult challenge. I'd like to try it, though.

I'm not sure how to get 0G in JK2 but seeing a duel where both combatants are floating would be unreal! :rolleyes:

:gben: The Force will be with you, always.