View Full Version : Replacing Tavion's Saber

Darth Torgo
06-20-2002, 03:52 PM
So, I put in a Mod that changes Tavion to Darth Maul--works fine, all the sounds and all work and the Maul saber is there as well.

But, then I noticed that all the reborn and the light-side Jedi besides Luke have the maul saber as well. I check the mod and find that the maul saber was put under a reborn saber file. Is the reborn saber the default saber or something?

Is there a way to change just tavion's saber hilt?

- DT

06-20-2002, 06:15 PM
now this is where the fun comes in....if anyone can figure out an easy way to replace each individual's saber hilt?
This game is gonna be kickass when i finish with it
i replaced all my characters.

Kyle is now Bespin Luke,Jan is GONNA be Leia,Tavion is Lady Maul,Desann is Vader,JediTrainer is EP2 Anakin,Jedi is Mace Windu (cant see his face or hands for some reason,all ya see is black and white texture),Jedi 2 is Tyrion,JediF is Bultar Swan,Im GONNA replace Luke With yoda when he comes out,Reborn With Darth Maul,Shadow Trooper with Count Dooku,Stormtrooper With Clonetrooper, Etc. Etc.

Well,if i can get anakin's saber into anakin's hands,and dooku's into his hands.......and their hands only.....i SERIOUSLY think i have a mini RPG Goin on lol.
im also thinking about replacing Morgan with a Obi-wan Ghost,but so far i have only seen a Kyle Ghost that looks like a clear version of kyle in a fart cloud lo........no offense,Looks cool.
anyways,im pretty sure you can change the saber hilts for individuals......i just don't know how.