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Uber Sith
06-20-2002, 07:59 PM
Okay with the release of these models and some maps that are quite popular we can now make some of the best single play levels...


1)Dual of the Fates

Using 'Living Dead Jedi' s Map of 'DUAL OF THE FATES' Map and these models either out or soon to come out

-(Cheshire's) Darth Maul (Replacing Dessan or Tavion)
-(TEX's) Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon (Replacing Kyle and Luke)
-(Prophets) Battle Droid (Replacing Stormtroopers)

Somone could expand the map to include a theed coutyard....With the battle droids....and other things you could create the final battle sequence.....maybe eventually it could be done..and would rock


2)Geonosian Hanger Duel

Using these models

-(TEX's) Obi-Wan EP2 (Replacing Luke)
-(Librarians) Anakin EP2 (Replacing Kyle-Playable)
-(Garik Lorans) Count Dooku (Replacing Dessan)
-(Kinjas) Yoda (As its new model or playable)

Someone could make a Very short map for this and a dooku ship prefab....and create that cool ending from Episode 2


3)Final Duel Between Luke and Vader

Using one of the Many Emporers Throne Room Maps....Create the Final Battle Between Luke and Vader

Using these Models

-(SithLordii) Darth Vader (Replacing Dessan)
-(Raven Softwares) Luke Skywalker (Replacing Kyle)
-(Toonces) Emporer Palpitine (Prolly Just A NPC sitting there hehehe)

Make the Return of the Jedi Final Duel.......


4)Geonosian Executioner Pit

Using these Models

-(TEX'S) EP2 Obi-Wan, Mace Windu (Unkillable NPCs)
-(Libraians) Anakin (Replacing Kyle)
-(Anavel Gato's) Padme (Unkillable NPC/Defendable like Jan)
-(Garik Lorans) Count Dooku (Replacing Dessan)
-(Absath's) Jango Fett (Dismemberment Allowed LOL)

Everyone else contribution to the EP2 Jedi
Models Such as
Kit Fisto
Plo Coon
Kai Adi Mundi
Shaak Ti
Aalya Secura

The Big Models of the Monsters

Then you could make the Whole big Arena Fight in Episode 2....Maybe Add some Clonetroopers and those massive gunships..... hehehe..


Well just some ideas of the possibilitys with these models.....Im sure eventually somones gonna makes these....eventually... hehehehe

i know there a bit far fetched but hey... if someone even attmpts it... id download it

Thanks for your Attention

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D

06-20-2002, 08:22 PM
Some good ideas there :) I'm sure there's plenty of people who'd want to carry those ideas out.

I don't suppose any mappers are interested in creating entire campaigns yet by any chance? Perhaps when we know how to put Force Pikes in single-player (or just leave it out and stick to a regular Lightsaber), a Maul Campaign could be made? I'm no expert on the subject --and neither am I a fan of the character-- but from what I read in the starwars.com bio, Darth Maul spent years as a shadowy assassin, using his saber to dismember organisations whose activities could potentially clash with those of the Sith. It would be rather cool if you could play as Maul "investigating" crime syndicate skyscrapers (Streets of Rage style :D). Interestingly, you could perhaps fight alongside Darth Sidious in some parts, and have saber duels against some meddling Jedi.

Hell you could even throw Count Dooku in at some point-- obviously he wasn't a Sith while Maul was still around, but he'd probably have been in contact with Sidious for a long time... plus it'd be a great opportunity to give that amazing Dooku model currently in the works a chance to stretch its legs. :D