View Full Version : (REQ) Knights of a different sort

Artic Blade
06-21-2002, 09:09 AM
we all know what a jedi knight is and how they live blah blah blah...

but what about the Knights of old? i.e. dudes in armor with BIG SOWRDS!!! the guys who fight dragons, rescue damsels in distress, and generaly kill stuff.

it shouldn't be too insanly hard, heck id do it myself if someone would point me to a tutorial, for MILKSHAPE cuz i dont use gmax.

but if you want to do this, then finding reference pics should be no problem. (go watch monty python and the holy grail, a little silly but acurate costumes.)

BTW, a big Viking would be cool too...

06-21-2002, 01:58 PM
i agree, i came from RUNE and still love a more medieval scene over a sci fi one. im working on a couple of swords to replace sabers and have been tossing around a mod in my head which i am currently making maps for, they kinda made for coop sp games with a fantasy theme. once i get some of the models i am workin on i plan to do some knights and such but that may be a long time.

in the mean time there is already a few swords released (i like the fakk2 sword specifically) and the Exar Kun model is totally BAD ASS really and impressive model and looks like a dark knight.

having both of those while playing on a map like training garden and there you go its a medieval romp :P

as for milkshape it is what i use to model and i think is great BUT you will still need 3dsmax if you want a player model in game. for swords to replace the saber hilts there are a few threads that talk about how to make sabers, even if the tuts are for gmax you can still take the information and just apply it to ms.

yea viking :P