View Full Version : List of sittuations for Sound Files?

06-22-2002, 03:14 AM
Where can I find a list for all the sittuations that can occur in MP that can have sound files attached to them, as well as all the names that those sound files would have to be called?

What does jdiscovered.mp3 refer to?

Also, I am currently stuck trying to get sound files into the game.
I'm not sure what I am doing wrong. Can anyone show me to a step by step guide to adding MP custom sound files.
I thought I figured out how to do it, but it is still using reborn's sounds (which I know is the default).



06-22-2002, 03:33 AM
Well it all depends on where the files are and how they load.

For example:
You can put an mp3 in the base directory (say blade.mp3 for the blade theme), then in the main screen go to console and type music blade it will play the blade theme. This will not, however, work for a map because the map file will load from it's source code.

As far as putting sound files in the game you can either edit your assets.pk3 by changing the extension to ZIP (remember to change it back), or you have to give a specific map an event sound indication. I suggest looking through peoples maps and see how they did it. :)

06-22-2002, 04:10 AM
Thanks -=Chi3f=-,
I'm actually attempting to add sounds and a bot personality to a player model for MultiPlayer.
I've gotten the bot to work, but I cannot get the sounds to work yet.
For MP characters, there are several sittuations that sound files can be assigned to.
Such as:

and many others, but I was wondering where I can find a list of all the names of sittuations that can have sounds assigned to them.
I put more info of my problem in another post,"Am I compressing wrong", but since I'm desperate, I'll paste it here:

I've placed the custom sound files into the sounds/chars/hansolo/misc folder. The files are mp3's, but when I check it in game, the taunt is the default reborn's.
In the models/players/hansolo folder, there is the sound.cfg and I've changed that to take the sounds from the hansolo model.
Does any one have an idea of what I'm missing?
Is there an "Adding Custom Sound Files" Tutorial?

Thanks for the help. With a little help, I'll get this soon enough.