View Full Version : I need some help with a few saber moves!

06-22-2002, 03:38 AM
I need some help with a few of the lightsaber moves in v1.03, multiplayer.
I have done some weird moves by total fluke that I have no idea of doing again, cos I
don't know the exact combination for them. I'm trying to write a complete and accurate
movelist out, so I need some help from any Jedi maestros out there.
One of them, if I remember, was in the blue stance. I did something like a backflip
with my saber pointing towards the ground, cutting in a straight line. I read a movelist with
a similar description of that move and how to do it; Back+Strafe+Attack, and only in the blue
stance. But I just can't seem to perform that move again. The other was in the red stance,
where my character swung his saber, single handedly, a full 360 degrees around him.
Now I have absolutely no bloody idea how I managed to do those moves.
Upon reading a couple of movelists out there, I have read some moves which
I can't seem to pull off even after trying the code tons of times. Even after trying them in
every stance and in front of opponents.
The first one is meant to be a blue stance move, where the character jumps and
spins in a downward spiral. The stated combination for this move in the list was
Forward+Jump+Attack. Second is a yellow stance move, descriptively similar to the
Forward+Jump+Attack move that can only be done with an opponent in front, but instead of
the saber being swung upwards, it is swung down. The movelist I read told me to attack with
the saber in the yellow stance, then press jump twice. Finally, the all famous red stance move,
the one hit wonder...I could do it in v1.02...run forward, strike with your saber, and before the
slash finishes, tap jump while still holding forward. I can't seem to figure out how to do it in v1.03.

Twins of Doom
06-22-2002, 03:55 AM
okay, for the red stance one hit kill, it's exactly the same as before in 1.02 except you hold down the attack key....and they made it so you can't turn in the middle of the jump

medium finisher: W + Attack + Jump when the enemy is in front of you

that spin in heavy stance:
W+ A/D + Attack then after that move is done move into a sidestroke of the same direction (basically release W), or you can do the same in reverse order