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06-22-2002, 04:04 AM
hi guys,
while designing my first map i encountered a few problems. i try to make a map as close to reality as possible. i hope somebody is able to help me!
1.is it true that there is no way of making a ´rotating´ door (like reallife doors).
2. gtkradiant cant find caulk texture...is there another way to speed up framerate? any other tuning tips are highly sought after!
3. how do i edit the starting weapons and probably
the size of the charakters (via worldspawn?)
4. what is the real-world gravity
5. how do i make transparent, colored glass?
6. is there a tool which changes the grid into meters or inch?
k, i know this are a lot of questions. i just hope the admin enables the searchfunktion by the time!!!!

06-22-2002, 04:29 AM
1. yep, true
2. you can use hint brushes or area portals. avoid CSG Subtract, biuld your map brush after brush instead (for hint brushes and area portals head over to a good tutorial, I can't explain them because I also don't understand them in all extents)
3. for the starting weapons and force powers you need to write a script for your character. the editor for writing scripts and a good manual are provided with the second tool pack
4. i think it's the gravity of your level, but I'm not sure
5. use a glass shader texture
6. don't think so, but also not sure