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06-22-2002, 04:25 AM


This is my first skin, and seeing as how I have no experience with skin tones, I used Absath's infamous jan skin as a base...hope you don't mind Abs. I'm not finished with it, but I'm sort of stuck at where to go next. Any sugestions?

06-22-2002, 06:01 AM
man, that glove... :( (not your fault, i understand)

looks good tho man- she need something else, however.. some kind of accessory... i dunno, maybe someone else has an idea

06-22-2002, 08:02 AM
Try to put Gun Pockets on her leg (Like Jango's for example) And maybe have a beat up torn shirt and pants, make it look S-E-X-Y!:D

06-22-2002, 08:59 AM
you need to blend the textures for each part to another, like face to the rest of the head, head to neck, neck to torso, etc. I noticed that with every single part:( Make the skin all the same color (i mean when you get a tan, you get it over the whole body, not just the neck) I know it takes a while, but its what can make the difference between a crappy skin and a good skin.

also add some detail to the pants, i mean it looks good on the shirt (maybe some stretch lines too) but the pants are just plain.
also make the glove the same color as the cloths (cause it wont look good as a regular hand.

here is my WIP on a jan skin, go down to the bottom for most updated.

06-22-2002, 09:09 AM
Ahh, thats pretty cool.

06-22-2002, 09:10 AM
YAY! Im a Ewok!

06-22-2002, 10:14 AM
I know that on the hi-res render the skin seems really off tone to itself in different parts, but its not like that in-game and thats just about all that matters. As far as the "glove," I should've clarified that that blotch on her hand is some weird bug I was getting in the viewer, that isnt and intended part of the skin/model and doesnt show up in-game either. I will try adding more detail to the pants though.

06-22-2002, 10:27 AM
Yes, the in-game shots are the ones that matter, but still things should match up in modview, thats where you can see the mistakes. Also make sure your all your graphics settings are on high(even textures) I made that same mistake and it blured all my textures togeter(clothes to the skin:( ) til i finally fixed it...A model should even look good in modview, that way you know others will see no mistake what so ever.

06-23-2002, 03:00 AM
Originally posted by ondraedan
I used Absath's infamous jan skin as a base...
where can i get this skin? :o

06-23-2002, 03:58 AM
You can get it at the thread "naked jan skin". i beleive that you cna dl it on the second page:)

06-23-2002, 04:01 AM
There's been quite a lot of deliberation about that skin...:(

06-25-2002, 11:33 AM

Dragon Jedi
06-27-2002, 01:14 AM
hey ondraedan, I like your Jan skin (she has a nice a$$) :D
When is it going to be finished, and released.

06-27-2002, 06:15 AM
purdy purdy purdy niccce skkkin *faints*

06-27-2002, 06:53 AM
Originally posted by Jango_Fett91
YAY! Im a Ewok!
Not anymore:D .........

06-27-2002, 08:12 AM
that naked jan skin is kind of sort of nasty, i understand wanting some comic in JK2 but isnt that a little bit over the edge?:(

06-27-2002, 08:35 AM
that naked jan skin is kind of sort of nasty, i understand wanting some comic in JK2 but isnt that a little bit over the edge?

I'd agree. I think people should treat them like the nude Sims--use them as bases to make other skins. Nude skins in-game... bleh.

Geoffrey S
06-27-2002, 06:13 PM
Ah, but you have to admit that it's funny once or twice. Just like getting Luke and Lando to kiss at the end of the game...
Nice skin, the shirt looks nice. Kinda like some Tarzan-ish jungle person. The pants need some more detail though, maybe some creases or something.

06-28-2002, 02:07 AM
ur skin is nice but the naked jan skin is blah too much for me, if they treated it like barbie and put stuff on it rather than stare at it and such. naked people in SW give it a bad impression, i dont want star wars to turn into trashy stuff, i want it to stay clean and cool the way it is now:)

06-30-2002, 10:26 PM
Cool Skin. :)


06-30-2002, 11:21 PM
IT's OK, looks more jungle-like. I mean, needs to have a touch of looking like a space pilot. and get rid of the glove. otherwise, it's fine for a start

07-01-2002, 12:54 AM
Good Skin Concept, but you really need to match the skin tones better. she looks more like a collage than a skin, even if it does look good in game, there will be moments, when in the right light (in-game) that all the mistakes will be visible. I know its hard to match them perfectly, but its worth a shot.

If working in photoshop, you could greyscale it all, match the value, and then create a new layer colored the base skin color and then change its layer blending from normal to color. Thats what i did for my mace skin. That way not only will your colors match better, but all the hues will be the same as well. Just a tip, you dont have to listen to me, just trying to help.

07-01-2002, 06:16 AM
Great skin.

BTW, I can't find the naked Jan skin anywhere, on this forum or otherwise.

07-25-2002, 06:14 PM
A bit of a NooB question, but I gather from all this naked Jan stuff, that someone was able to turn her vest and chaps off in MP at least, but is this possible to do in SP?

07-26-2002, 03:06 AM

Geoffrey S
07-26-2002, 05:15 AM
If I'm not mistaken that's the JediF NPC in SP.